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CD24 is a functional marker that mediates liver tumor initiation via regulation of NanogCastilho, AG; Lee, TKW; Ma, S; Tang, KH; Ng, IOL2010434
miR-130b is preferentially upregulated in CD133+ liver cancer stem cells and regulates tumor growth and self-renewal via tumor protein 53-induced nuclear protein 1Ma, SKY; Tang, KH; Chan, YP; Lee, KW; Castilho, AG; Ng, IOL; Man, K; To, KF; Zheng, B; Chan, KW; Guan, XY2009706
Phosphorylation profiling of liver cancer stem cells using a CelluSpot kinase peptide arrayLee, KW; Cheung, CH; Castilho, AG; Tang, KH; Ma, SKY; Ng, IOL2009492
The specific targeting of liver cancer stem cells by lupeol through PTEN modulationLee, KW; Castilho, AG; Sin, SL; Ma, SKY; Ng, IOL2009182
Identification of a liver cancer stem marker using a chemoresistant tumor modelCastilho, AG; Lee, KW; Ma, SKY; Tang, KH; Ng, IOL2009381
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer Stem CellsLee, KW; Castilho, AG; Ma, SKY; Ng, IOL2009174
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