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Dynamic VEP Evaluation As A Prediction of Vision Fatigure Using Visual Stimulated Brian Computer InterfaceCao, T; Wong, C; Wan, F; Hu, Y201317
Objective Indication of Fatigue in SSVEP-Based BCI Through EEG Spectral AnalysisCao, T; Wong, C; Wan, F; Hu, Y201331
Flashing color on the performance of SSVEP-based brain-computer InterfacesCao, T; Wan, F; Mak, PU; Mak, PI; Vai, MI; Hu, Y201233
A preliminary study for development of oral vaccines for poultry and wild birds against avian H5N1 influenza virus infectionZhang, K; Yu, B; Cao, T; Zhang, N; Huang, J201188
Identification and evaluation of protective ability of a T cell epitope targeting nucleoprotein of H5N1 influenza virusCao, T; Chen, M; Zheng, B2011126
Swine-origin influenza virus like particle vaccine conferred complete protection against lethal viral challenge in BALB/C miceZhang, N; Lin, Y; Chen, M; Zhang, Q; Cao, T; Zheng, B2011150
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