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Electronic sensitivity of carbon nanotubes to internal water wettingCao, D; Pang, P; He, J; Luo, T; Park, JH; Krstic, P; Nuckolls, C; Tang, J; Lindsay, S201180
Translocation of single-stranded DNA through single-walled carbon nanotubesLiu, H; He, J; Tang, J; Liu, H; Pang, P; Cao, D; Krstic, P; Joseph, S; Lindsay, S; Nuckolls, C201070
Structure and promoter characterization of aldo-keto reductase family 1 B10 geneLiu, Z; Zhong, L; Krishack, PA; Robbins, S; Cao, JX; Zhao, Y; Chung, S; Cao, D2009123
Monte Carlo data of dilute solutions of large spheres in binary hard sphere mixturesCao, D; Chan, KY; Henderson, D; Wang, W2002117
Transgenic mice with overexpression of human scavenger receptor A on endothelial cells.Wan, L; Chung, SK; Yang, Y; Chung, SS; Cao, D; Ma, M; Wu, M; Wan, Z; Chen, X200178
Overexpression of aldose reductase in liver cancers may contribute to drug resistanceLee, KWY; Ko, BCB; Jiang, Z; Cao, D; Chung, SSM2001128
Identification and characterization of a novel human aldose reductase- like geneCao, D; Fan, ST; Chung, SSM1998229
Over-expression of aldose reductase and an aldose reductase-like gene in human liver cancers may contribute to their resistance to chemotherapyChung, SSM; Cao, D199777
Tissue-specific expression of two aldose reductase-like genes in mice: Abundant expression of mouse vas deferens protein and fibroblast growth factor-regulated protein in the adrenal glandLau, ET; Cao, D; Lin, C; Chung, SK; Chung, SS199596
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