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To flee or not: Postkilling responses among intimate partner homicide offenders in Hong KongChan, ACY; Beh, PSL; Broadhurst, RG201094
Can Injury Patterns of Victims of Homicide predict the degree of intimacy of the offender?Beh, SL; Chan, ACY; Broadhurst, RG200690
Triad-related homicides in Hong KongLee, KW; Broadhurst, RG; Beh, PSL2006164
Homicide Followed by Suicide in Hong KongBeh, SL; Broadhurst, RG; Chan, ACY; Lee, KW200597
Child Homicide in Hong Kong 1989-1998Beh, SL; Broadhurst, RG200571
Triad-related homicides in Hong Kong 1989-1998: a preliminary descriptionLee, KW; Broadhurst, RG; Beh, SL2004108
Homicide-Suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998: A Preliminary AnalysisBroadhurst, RG; Chan, CY; Beh, SL200474
Erratum: Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998 (Forensic Science International (2003) 137:2-3 (165-171))Chan, CY; Beh, SL; Broadhurst, RG200461
Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998Chan, CY; Beh, SL; Broadhurst, RG200491
Homicide-Suicide in Hong Kong: A Preliminary Analysis of the Homicide Monitoring Data BaseBroadhurst, RG; Beh, SL; Chan, CY200296
Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1997: a preliminary analysisChan, CY; Beh, SL; Broadhurst, RG200261
Gang & Triad Related Homicide in Hong Kong: A Preliminary Analysis of the Homicide Monitoring Data-Base 1989-1998Lee, KW; Broadhurst, RG; Beh, SL200292
Aborigines and Crime in AustraliaBroadhurst, RG19971,165
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