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Decentralized congestion management for multilateral transactions based on optimal resource allocationLiu, K; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Bi, TS2007432
Novel decentralized approach through optimal resource allocation for congestion managementLiu, K; Zhao, DP; Hou, YH; Bi, TS; Ni, YX; Wu, F200649
Hybrid fault section estimation system with radial basis function neural network and fuzzy systemBi, TS; Ni, YX; Wu, FL; Yang, QX200591
A novel radial basis function neural network for fault section estimation in transmission networkBi, TS; Ni, YX; Shen, CM; Wu, FF; Yang, QX2001276
A novel ANN fault diagnosis system for power systems using dual GA loops in ANN trainingBi, TS; Ni, YX; Shen, CM; Wu, FF2000296
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