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Potential of information technology in dental educationMattheos, N; Stefanovic, N; Apse, P; Attstrom, R; Buchanan, J; Brown, P; Camilleri, A; Care, R; Fabrikant, E; Gundersen, S; Honkala, S; Johnson, L; Jonas, I; Kavadella, A; Moreira, J; Peroz, I; Perryer, DG; Seemann, R; Tansy, M; Thomas, HF; Tsuruta, J; Uribe, S; Urtane, I; Walsh, TF; Zimmerman, J; Walmsley, AD200886
4.1 Web-based interactive learning programmes.Nattestad, A; Attstrom, R; Mattheos, N; Ramseier, C; Canegallo, L; Eaton, K; Feeney, L; Goffin, G; Markovska, N; Maixner, W; Persson, R; Reynolds, P; Ruotoistenmaki, J; Schittek, M; Spohn, E; Sudzina, M200289
Bacterial morphotypes of 3-day old plaque in Chinese. A pilot studyZee, KY; Pang, KM; Samaranayake, LP; Attstrom, R1996115
Effect of a chlorhexidine dressing on the healing after periodontal surgeryAsboe Jorgensen, V; Attstrom, R; Lang, NP; Loe, H197461
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