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Phototransformations of advanced glycation end products in the human eye lens due to ultraviolet a light irradiationArgirov, OK; Lin, B; Ortwerth, BJ200575
Erratum: 2-Ammonio-6-(3-oxidopyridinium-1-yl)hexanoate (OP-lysine) is a newly identified advanced glycation end product in cataractous and aged human lenses (Journal of Biological Chemistry (2004) 279 (6487-6495))Argirov, OK; Lin, B; Ortwerth, BJ200566
2-Ammonio-6-(3-oxidopyridinium-1-yl)hexanoate (OP-lysine) Is a Newly Identified Advanced Glycation End Product in Cataractous and Aged Human LensesArgirov, OK; Lin, B; Ortwerth, BJ2004144
Isolation and characterization of a new advanced glycation endproduct of dehydroascorbic acid and lysineArgirov, OK; Lin, B; Olesen, P; Ortwerth, BJ200377
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