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Factors associated with life satisfaction of personal care workers delivering dementia care in day care centersYan, E; Kwok, T; Tang, C; Ho, F2007123
Systematic genome instability screens in yeast and their potential relevance to cancerYuen, KWY; Warren, CD; Chen, O; Kwok, T; Hieter, P; Spencer, FA2007185
The attitudes of Chinese family caregivers of older people with dementia towards life sustaining treatmentsKwok, T; Twinn, S; Yan, E200772
Quality of life among personal care workers in local dementia day care settingsYan, ECW; Kwok, T200674
Nursing staff’s job satisfaction and attitude towards dementia patients: Does the practice of physical restraint make a difference?Yan, ECW; Kwok, T; Lee, D; Ho, F2006101
Exploring the personal experience of people with early-stage dementiaKwok, T; Yan, ECW200665
Concerns and Needs of Family Caregivers to Older People with Dementia: A Qualitative Inquiry.Yan, ECW; Mok, E; Ng, C; Lam, L; Kwok, T2006151
Burnout among Personal Care Workers in Dementia Day Care FacilitiesYan, ECW; Kwok, T; Wong, S; Ho, F; Kwok, E200694
Misconceptions about dementia and its implication for willingness to seek treatment and knowledge in dementia related informationYan, E; Wong, A; Chan, WM; Kwok, T2006237
Lower urinary tract symptoms and depressive symptoms in elderly menWong, SYS; Hong, A; Leung, J; Kwok, T; Leung, PC; Woo, J200665
Risk factors for lower urinary tract symptoms in southern Chinese menWong, SY; Woo, J; Hong, A; Leung, JCS; Kwok, T; Leung, PC200674
Use of Animal Assisted Therapy among Demented Elderly: A Pilot StudyLi, J; Kwok, T; Yan, ECW; Kwok, E; Yau, M2006116
Systematic yeast synthetic lethal and synthetic dosage lethal screens identify genes required for chromosome segregationMeasday, V; Baetz, K; Guzzo, J; Yuen, K; Kwok, T; Sheikh, B; Ding, H; Ueta, R; Hoac, T; Cheng, B; Pot, I; Tong, A; YamaguchiIwai, Y; Boone, C; Hieter, P; Andrews, B2005165
Impact of osteoarthritis on quality of life in a Hong Kong Chinese populationWoo, J; Lau, E; Lee, P; Kwok, T; Lau, WCS; Chan, C; Chiu, P; Li, E; Sham, A; Lam, D2004142
Socioeconomic impact of osteoarthritis in Hong Kong: Utilization of health and social services, and direct and indirect costsWoo, J; Lau, E; Lau, CS; Lee, P; Zhang, J; Kwok, T; Chan, C; Chiu, P; Chan, KM; Chan, A; Lam, D200383
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori and risk of peptic ulcers in patients starting long-term treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: A randomised trialChan, FKL; To, KF; Wu, JCY; Yung, MY; Leung, WK; Kwok, T; Hui, Y; Chan, HLY; Chan, CSY; Hui, E; Woo, J; Sung, JJY200294
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