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Alpha-1 adrenoceptors and calcium in isolated canine coronary arteriesRimele, TJ; Rooke, TW; Aarhus, LL; Vanhoutte, PM198383
Effects of buflomedil on the responsiveness of canine vascular smooth muscleVanhoutte, PM; Aarhus, LL; Coen, E198361
Removal of the epithelium causes bronchial supersensitivity to acetylcholine and 5-hydroxytryptamineAarhus, LL; Rimele, TJ; Vanhoutte, PM198466
Prejunctional effects of naftidrofuryl in canine saphenous veinsAarhus, LL; Thome, S; Zander, J; Vanhoutte, PM198546
Respiratory epithelium inhibits bronchial smooth muscle toneFlavahan, NA; Aarhus, LL; Rimele, TJ; Vanhoutte, PM198599
Modulation of endothelium-dependent responses by chronic alterations of blood flowMiller, VM; Aarhus, LL; Vanhoutte, PM198682
Denervation augments alpha-2 but not alpha-1 adrenergic responses in canine saphenous veinsFlavahan, NA; Miller, VM; Aarhus, LL; Vanhoutte, PM198763
Porcine coronary arteries with regenerated endothelium-dependent responsiveness to aggregating platelets and serotoninShimokawa, H; Aarhus, LL; Vanhoutte, PM198785
Dietary ω3 polyunsaturated fatty acids augment endothelium-dependent relaxation to bradykinin in coronary microvessels of the pigShimokawa, H; Aarhus, LL; Vanhoutte, PM198882
The effect of cold on adrenergic neurotransmission in canine saphenous arteries and veinsRusch, NJ; Aarhus, LL; Shepherd, JT; Vanhoutte, PM1988106
Pharmacology of pentoxifylline in isolated canine arteries and veinsHoeffner, U; Aarhus, LL; Katusic, ZS; Vanhoutte, PM1989104
Indomethacin improves the impaired endothelium-dependent relaxations in small mesenteric arteries of the spontaneously hypertensive ratLuscher, TF; Aarhus, LL; Vanhoutte, PM199085
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