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Adaptation of an internet-based depression prevention intervention for Chinese adolescents: from "CATCH-IT" to "grasp the opportunity"Sobowale, K; Zhou, N; Van Voorhees, BW; Stewart, S; Tsang, AMC; Ip, P; Fabrizio, C; Wong, KL; Chim, D201342
Third-hand smoke exposure may contribute to increased risk of hypertension: The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyChan, YH; Jiang, CQ; Schooling, CM; Thomas, GN; Xu, L; Chim, D; Cheng, KK; Hedley, AJ; Leung, GM; Lam, TH; Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study (GBCS)2010204
Conducting clinical research with prescription opioid dependence: Defining the populationWeiss, RD; Potter, JS; Copersino, ML; Prather, K; Jacobs, P; Provost, S; Chim, D; Selzer, J; Ling, W2010133
Controlling alcohol-related global health problemsChim, D; Lam, TH201067
Provision of ancillary medications during buprenorphine detoxification does not improve treatment outcomesHillhouse, M; Domier, CP; Chim, D; Ling, W2010117
Controlling alcohol-related global health problemsLam, TH; Chim, D2010161
Adolescent drug addiction: Suggestions for the primary care physicianChim, D200986
Ultrasound-guided trigger point injectionsChim, D; Cheng, PH2009243
Teaching medical students trigger point techniquesChim, D; Brodsky, M; Hui, KK2007158
PC-SPES for treatment of prostate cancer: herbal medicine.Yip, I; Cudiamat, M; Chim, D2003142
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