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Time in the novels of Murakami HarukiYeung, Wing-yin, Virginia.; 楊詠賢2010383
Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies: Multiculturalism and Japanese Language Education/ Japanese Studies in Asia and Oceania, 2008, vol 1, vol 2.Ogawa, M; Chan, CY; MacNaughton, AS; Murakami, F; Yoshikawa, T; Yorozu, M2009130
Problems of translating contemporary Japanese comics into Chinese: the case of Crayon ShinchanYoung, Hiu-tung.; 楊曉彤.2008421
Records of Japanese Visitors to Hong Kong from 1900 to 1940Chan, CY; 陳湛頤2005196
The Chronological Table of Hong Kong and Japan RelationsChan, CY; 陳湛頤; Yeung WY; 楊詠賢2004203
Trade between Hong Kong and Japan from Late 19th Century to Early 20th CenturyChan, CY2003136
Trade between Hong Kong and Japan from Early 20th Century to 1931Chan, CY200278
Japanese Students in Hong Kong between 1870-1940 [In Chinese]Chan, CY200188
Prospect and Retrospect of Japanese Language Teaching and Japanese Studies in Beijing, Tianjin and Hong Kong Workshop ProceedingsMurakami, F; Chan, CY200085
Trade between Hong Kong and Japan from Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century [In Chinese]Chan, CY199981
Daily Conversations in Japanese. Book TwoChan, CY1995102
Japanese Visitors and Hong Kong: Japanese Writers' View of Late 19th Century Hong KongChan, CY199585
Review of Yamaguchi Fuminori, selected essays on Hong KongChan, CY199494
Review of Okada Akira, the past, present and future of Hong KongChan, CY199496
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