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Introduction: making sense of European national identities and diversityVogt, CR; Cristaudo, WA201430
European national identities: elements, transitions, conflictsVogt, CR; Cristaudo, WA; Leutzsch, A201447
From faith in reason to reason in faith: transformations in philosophical theology from the eighteenth to twentieth centuriesCristaudo, WA; Wong, HW201264
Religion, redemption and revolution: the new speech thinking of Franz Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyCristaudo, WA201241
A Philosophical History of LoveCristaudo, WA201247
Constructing climate policy : the European Union and ChinaWong, Nga-ting; 黃雅婷201214
Demystifying integration regimes in cities: acomparative analysis of Berlin and Hong KongChau, Ling-fung, Karin.; 周凌楓.2012241
2. The Post-Modern Opening of the ‘ 68 Generation and the Return of an Old God without Superstition and MetaphysicsCristaudo, WA2011122
Introduction to The God Who Would Not DieCristaudo, W201148
Bringing back character and grammar: freeing literature from excessive reliance on philosophy and theoryCristaudo, WA201176
The Johannine Christianity of Albert CamusCristaudo, W201173
The influence of globalization on foreign news: insights from German press coverage of ChinaTing, Tin-yuet.; 丁天悦.2011437
Bringing back character and grammar: freeing literature from philosophy and theoryCristaudo, WA201099
The weight of love and evil in AugustineCristaudo, WA201089
St. Augustine: his relevance and legacyCristaudo, WA; Wong, HW201013
On providence, power and the spiritual sequence of revolutions in the Theo-history of Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyCristaudo, WA2010112
Rosenstock-Huessy on the French Revolution and the Humanistic TurnCristaudo, WA201097
is ‘Rosenstock-Huessy and Lao-Tse against Dewey and Confucius.’Cristaudo, WA201060
Rebellion as aestheticism: the dandyism of Charles Baudelaire and Oscar WildeGuan, Beibei.; 关贝贝.2010490
Diagnosis and salvation: revolution, history and Augustine in Eric Voegelin and Rosenstock-HuessyCristaudo, WA201072
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