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Metal-free and metallated polymers: Properties and photovoltaic performanceNg, A; Ho, CL; Fung, MK; Sun, YC; Shao, SY; Fu, YY; Ng, AMC; Li, CH; Cheung, WK; Leung, YH; Djurišić, AB; Wang, Q; He, Z; Wang, X; Chan, WK; Xie, ZY; Zapien, JA; To, CH; Wong, WY2012155
A polyferroplatinyne precursor for the rapid fabrication of L1 0-FePt-type bit patterned media by nanoimprint lithographyDong, Q; Li, G; Ho, CL; Faisal, M; Leung, CW; Pong, PWT; Liu, K; Tang, BZ; Manners, I; Wong, WY2012135
Simultaneous optimization of charge-carrier balance and luminous efficacy in highly efficient white polymer light-emitting devicesZou, J; Wu, H; Lam, CS; Wang, C; Zhu, J; Zhong, C; Hu, S; Ho, CL; Zhou, GJ; Wu, H; Choy, WCH; Peng, J; Cao, Y; Wong, WY2011118
Effect of fabrication processes on bulk heterojunctions (BHJ) photovoltaic device performanceCheung, KY; Yip, CT; Fung, MK; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK; He, Z; Wang, XZ; Ho, CL; Wong, WY200980
Improving efficiency roll-off in organic light emitting devices with a fluorescence-interlayer-phosphorescence emission architectureZheng, T; Choy, WCH; Ho, CL; Wong, WY2009198
Effect of oligothienyl chain length on tuning the solar cell performance in fIuorene-based polyplatinynesLiu, L; Ho, CL; Wong, WY; Cheung, KY; Fung, MK; Lam, WT; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK200885
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