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Theory for charge and orbital density-wave states in manganite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4Yao, Z; Chen, W; Gao, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, F201343
Interlayer couplings and the coexistence of antiferromagnetic and d-wave pairing order in multilayer cupratesChen, W; Gan, JY; Rice, TM; Zhang, F2012113
Enhanced Josephson tunneling between high-temperature superconductors through a normal pseudogap underdoped cuprate with a finite-energy cooperonHuang, K; Chen, WQ; Rice, TM; Zhang, FC201280
Edge superconducting correlation in the attractive-U Kane-Mele-Hubbard modelYuan, J; Gao, JH; Chen, WQ; Ye, F; Zhou, Y; Zhang, FC2012108
Field-induced p-wave superconducting state of mesoscopic systemsHuo, JW; Chen, WQ; Raghu, S; Zhang, FC2012154
Superconducting proximity effect on the block antiferromagnetism in K yFe 2-xSe 2Jiang, HM; Chen, WQ; Yao, ZJ; Zhang, FC2012147
Dipolar dynamics for interacting ultracold fermions in a trapped optical latticeHuo, J; Chen, W; Schollwock, U; Troyer, M; Zhang, F201252
Zn-impurity effect and interplay of s± and s++ pairings in iron-based superconductorsYao, Z; Chen, W; Li, YK; Cao, GH; Jiang, H; Wang, Q; Xu, ZA; Zhang, F201234
Theory for superconductivity in (Tl,K)Fe xSe 2 as a doped Mott insulatorZhou, Y; Xu, DH; Zhang, FC; Chen, WQ2011278
Giant mesoscopic spin hall effect on the surface of topological insulatorGao, JH; Yuan, J; Chen, WQ; Zhou, Y; Zhang, FC2011609
Trapped ultracold bosons in periodically modulated latticesHuo, JW; Zhang, FC; Chen, W; Troyer, M; Schollwöck, U201176
Global phase diagram of three-dimensional extended Boson Hubbard model: A continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo studyXi, B; Ye, F; Chen, W; Zhang, F; Su, G2011688
π-Phase shift at the interface of two pnictide superconductors with antiphase s-wave pairingChen, WQ; Zhang, FC2011829
Effect of a Zn impurity on T cand its implications for pairing symmetry in LaFeAsO 1-XF XLi, Y; Tong, J; Tao, Q; Feng, C; Cao, G; Chen, W; Zhang, FC; Xu, ZA2010709
Anderson impurity in a helical metalFeng, XY; Chen, WQ; Gao, JH; Wang, QH; Zhang, FC2010546
Andreev and single-particle tunneling spectra of underdoped cuprate superconductorsYang, KY; Huang, K; Chen, WQ; Rice, TM; Zhang, FC2010203
Strong coupling theory for superconducting iron pnictidesChen, WQ; Yang, KY; Zhou, Y; Zhang, FC2009490
Theory for superconductivity in iron pnictides at large Coulomb U limitChen, WQ; Yang, KY; Zhou, Y; Zhang, FC2009401
Origin of the checkerboard pattern in scanning tunneling microscopy maps of underdoped cuprate superconductorsYang, KY; Chen, WQ; Rice, TM; Zhang, FC2009547
π Junction to probe antiphase s-Wave pairing in iron pnictide superconductorsChen, WQ; Ma, F; Lu, ZY; Zhang, FC2009497
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