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Factors contributing to social support among marriage migrants in HongKong: a longitudinal studyWong, Kam-fong, Winky.; 黃錦芳.2013269
Successful ageing: a study of age identity among Chinese older adultsLiang, Kun; 梁昆201359
Migrant workers and informal economy in urban China: an ethnographic study of a migrant enclave inGuangzhouWu, Ling; 吴玲201364
Modeling family caregivers' willingness to continue care in community for older persons with dementiaSin, Hiu-lam; 冼曉琳201335
What do Hong Kong middle-aged women want?: a qualitative study of their perspectives on old ageMoore, Yin-shan, Chris.; 馬燕珊.2013177
Validation of self-image of aging scale for chinese eldersBai, X; Chan, K; Chow, N2012112
Living and loving: adaptive experiences of caregiving to a spouse with Alzheimer's disease in Shanghai, ChinaZhao, Huan; 赵环2012201
Public old-age pension provisions for rural migrant workers in China: an analysis of the policy making processGuo, Yu; 郭瑜2012262
Correlates of Quality of Life in New Migrants to Hong Kong from Mainland ChinaWong, WKF; Chou, KL; Chow, NWS2012355
Modernization and its impact on Chinese older people’s perception of their own image and statusChow, N; Bai, X2011136
Circular migration and life course of female domestic workers in BeijingGuo, M; Chow, NWS; Palinkas, LA201167
How is the self-image formed and enhanced among older Chinese people: through assimilation or contrast?Bai, X; Chow, NWS201159
The effects of sociodemographic characteristics on Chinese elders’ perception of the image of ageingChow, N; Bai, X2011129
The impact of modernization and globalization on the perception of the Chinese elderly towards their image and statusBai, X; Chow, NWS2011397
Interaction between pre- and post-migration factors on depressive symptoms in new migrants to Hong Kong from Mainland ChinaChou, KL; Wong, WKF; Chow, NWS2011276
Individual modernity and the image of ageing in modern China: a case study of older people in WuhanBai, Xue; 白雪2011459
The political process and race relations in the legislation against racial discrimination in Hong KongBaig, Raees Begum.2010604
The roles of human capital and social capital in the economic integration of new arrivals from Mainland China to Hong KongChou, KL; Chow, NWS2009649
Pain and depression among Hong Kong Chinese older adults with knee osteoarthritisChow, NWS; Chou, KL2009820
An analysis of governmental policy for rural-urban migrants in ChinaLi, Ying; 李瑩2009275
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