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Laminar flow-based fuel cell working under critical conditions: The effect of parasitic currentXuan, J; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC; Wang, H2012132
Towards orientation-independent performance of membraneless microfluidic fuel cell: Understanding the gravity effectsXuan, J; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC; Wang, H2012268
Energy analysis of hydrogen and electricity production from aluminum-based processesWang, H; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH2012894
Chemical and transport behaviors in a microfluidic reformer with catalytic-support membrane for efficient hydrogen production and purificationXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M; Wang, H2012100
Density-induced asymmetric pair of Dean vortices and its effects on mass transfer in a curved microchannel with two-layer laminar streamXuan, J; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC; Ni, M201185
Hydrodynamic focusing in microfluidic membraneless fuel cells: Breaking the trade-off between fuel utilization and current densityXuan, J; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC; Ni, M; Wang, H2011177
A computational study of bifunctional oxygen electrode in air-breathing reversible microfluidic fuel cellsXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M; Wang, H2011141
Urban heat island and its effect on the cooling and heating demands in urban and suburban areas of Hong KongMemon, RA; Leung, DYC; Liu, CH; Leung, MKH2011605
Modeling and analysis of an aluminum-water electrochemical generator for simultaneous production of electricity and hydrogenWang, HZ; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M; Chan, KY2011595
Parametric study of a fan-bladed micro-wind turbineLeung, DYC; Deng, Y; Leung, MKH2011110
Photocatalytic destruction of air pollutants with vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) irradiationHuang, H; Leung, DYC; Li, G; Leung, MKH; Fu, X2011287
Numerical study of microfluidic electrochemical energy conversion systemXuan, Jin.; 宣晋.2011544
An innovative micro-wind turbine system for harnessing wind energy in urban environmentLeung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Deng, Y2011206
Chaotic flow-based fuel cell built on counter-flow microfluidic network: Predicting the over-limiting current behaviorXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Wang, H; Ni, M2011159
Fabrication of nanotube-array photocatalyst for solar photocatalytic applicationsLeung, MKH; Tsai, HL; Li, G2010162
Hydrogen production over titania-based photocatalystsLeung, DYC; Fu, X; Wang, C; Ni, M; Leung, MKH; Wang, X; Fu, X2010117
An efficient bismuth tungstate visible-light-driven photocatalyst for breaking down nitric oxideLi, G; Zhang, D; Yu, JC; Leung, MKH2010887
Modeling of parasitic hydrogen evolution effects in an aluminum-air cellWang, H; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M2010571
Carbon audit for small and medium enterprises in Hong KongLeung, MKH; Leung, YC; Chan, AHC20101,019
Carbon audit toolkit for small & medium enterprises in Hong KongLeung, MKH; Leung, YC; Chan, AHS201098
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