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Decreased coherence of gamma-band EEG activity in MBSR meditation statesGao, J; TAN, A; Chang, C; Hung, YS; Cheung, RTF; Zhang, Z201335
Brain-Computer Interface Using Chromatic Transient Visual Stimulus ArrayLi, J; Chang, C; Zhang, Z; Hu, Y201339
Synthetic time series resembling human (HeLa) cell-cycle gene expression data and application to gene regulatory network discoveryTam, GHF; Hung, YS; Chang, C201342
Meta-analysis on gene regulatory networks discovered by pairwise Granger causalityTam, GHF; Hung, YS; Chang, C201339
Mutual information-based depth estimation and 3D reconstruction for image-based rendering systemsZhu, Zhenyu; 朱振宇2012414
Application of Granger causality to gene regulatory network discoveryTam, GHF; Chang, C; Hung, YS201228
Spectral alteration of brain waves during MBSR meditation: a longitudinal EEG studyGao, J; Li, S; Zhang, Z; Sik, HH; Hung, YS; Chan, SC; Cheung, R; Chang, C2012130
A factor analysis approach to transcription regulatory network reconstruction using gene expression dataChen, Wei; 陈玮2012143
A subspace approach for matching 2D shapes under affine distortionsMai, F; Chang, CQ; Hung, YS2011150
Automated extraction of biomedical signal/image features for multimodal data integration and brain-computer interfaceZhang, Z; Chen, X; Chan, SC; Chang, C201171
Novel adaptive suppression method for SAR image specklesZhang, Q; Shen, MF; Chang, CQ2011104
A novel framework for expression quantitative trait loci mappingAi, Ni.; 艾妮.2011156
Gene regulatory network reconstruction from gene expression data using network component analysis without transcription factor binding informationChang, C; Chen, W; Hung, YS201170
A chromatic transient visual evoked potential based encoding/decoding approach for brain-computer interfaceLai, SM; Zhang, Z; Hung, YS; Niu, Z; Chang, C201192
Comparison of blind source separation methods in fast somatosensory-evoked potential detectionLiu, H; Chang, CQ; Luk, KDK; Hu, Y2011149
A Kalman smoother-based approach for estimating time-varying cortical connectivity from high-density EEGZhang, Z; Chang, C; Hung, YS2010168
Transcription factor activity estimation based on particle swarm optimization and fast network component analysisChen, W; Chang, C; Hung, YS2010128
Source localization using a sparse representation framework to achieve superresolutionGuo, X; Wan, Q; Chang, C; Lam, EY2010700
A prediction approach for multichannel EEG signals modeling using local wavelet SVMShen, M; Lin, L; Chen, J; Chang, CQ2010207
Blind separation of electron paramagnetic resonance signals using diversity minimizationGuo, X; Chang, C; Lam, EY2010192
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