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Multimodality problem-based learning (PBL): an interactional ethnographyBridges, S; Botelho, M; Green, JL; Chau, ACM2012141
Comparison between the use of magnetic resonance imaging and conebeam computed tomography for mandibular nerve identificationChau, A201277
Researching multimodality in problem-based learning (PBL)Bridges, SM; Botelho, MG; Chau, CM2011112
3D CBCT McNamara's cephalometric analysis in an adult southern Chinese populationWong, RWK; Chau, ACM; Hägg, U2011267
An fMRI Study Showing the Effect of Acupuncture in Chronic Stage Stroke Patients With AphasiaChau, ACM; Fai Cheung, RT; Jiang, X; AuYeung, PKM; Li, LSW2010160
The fMRI study showing the effect of acupuncture in chronic stage stroke patients with aphasiaChau, CM201061
Technical concerns of 3D cephalometric measurement using CBCT imagesChau, A; Hagg, U; Wong, R201085
3-dimensional cone-beam computerized tomographic cephalometric database on jaw dimensions in ChineseChau, ACM; Wong, RWK; Hagg, U2010160
3-dimensional cone-beam computerized tomographic cephalometric database of McNamara's analysis in ChineseWong, RWK; Chau, CM; Hagg, EUO201097
Acupuncture in motor recovery of patients with chronic stroke: a fMRI evaluationLi, LSW; Chau, CM; Cheung, RTF2009131
Comparison of radiation dose for implant imaging using conventional spiral tomography, computed tomography, and cone-beam computed tomographyChau, ACM; Fung, K2009118
MRI signals of dental cariesChau, CM200984
Acupuncture of motor-implicated acupoints on subacute stroke patients: An fMRI evaluation studyChau, ACM; Cheung, RTF; Jiang, X; AuYeung, P; Li, LSW2009163
Increased brain activation in motor cortex after acupuncture treatment for motor recovery in chronic stroke patientsChau, ACM; Cheung, RTF; Jiang, X; Au-Yeung, PKM; Li, LSW2009144
Acupuncture in motor recovery of patients with acute stroke: a double-blinded randomized controlled fMRI studyLi, LSW; Chau, CM; Cheung, RTF2009158
Radiation dose in dental implant imagingChau, CM200872
Dosimetry of implant imaging in three generationsChau, CM; Fung, KL200866
Effectiveness of acupuncture treatment in motor recovery after strokeChau, CM; Cheung, RTF200881
CT measurement of volumetric changes in bone graft in maxillary sinusChau, CM200763
3D models showing relationship between horizontally impacted mandibular third molars and inferior dental canals using computed tomographic imagesChau, CM; Li, TKL; Mok, WH2007131
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