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1607, a year of (some) significance: Translation of the first European text in mathematics - <i>Elements</i> --- into ChineseSiu, MK2011122
Approximation by affine functionsChan, JT199697
Automorphic orbits in free algebras of rank twoMikhalev, AA; Yu, J199891
Automorphic Orbits of Elements of Free Algebras with the Nielsen-Schreier PropertyYu, J; Mikhalev, AA199998
Automorphisms and coordinates of polynomial algebrasYu, J; Drensky, V1999101
Building Genetic Networks in Gene Expression PatternsChing, WK; Fung, SL; Ng, KP2005142
Calculus of Variations and Exterior Differential SystemsCheung, WS1998190
Calculus of Variations via Exterior Differential SystemsCheung, WS2002204
Combinatorial problems about free groups and algebrasMikhalev, AA; Yu, J; Shpilrain, V199896
Congestion Modeling and Multi-Criteria Smoothing HeuristicsChu, SCK199691
A Control Model for Markovian Genetic Regulatory NetworkNg, M.; Zhang, S; Ching, WK; Akutsu, T.200698
A Cube Model and Cluster Analysis for Web Access SessionsChing, WK; Huang, JZ; Cheung, DWL; Ng, KK; Ng, KP2002115
Deformation rigidity of the 20-dimensional F4-homogeneous space associated to a short rootHwang, J; Mok, N2004124
A discrete optimization approach for redistribution modelChu, SCK1994218
Fast algorithms for l1 norm/mixed l1 and l2 norms for image restorationFu, H; Ng, MK; Nikolova, M; Barlow, J; Ching, WK2005270
The generalized theorem of Castelnuovo-de Franchis for unitary representationsMok, N1997116
Geometry of holomorphic isometries and related maps between bounded domainsMok, N201170
Goal Programming Model for Airport Ground Support Equipment ParkingChu, SCK2002105
Griffiths' formalism on the Calculus of Variations via Exterior Differential SystemsCheung, WS1995216
Heuristic algorithm for printed circuit board assembly problemNg, MKP; Chu, SCK1995136
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