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Asian Financial Crisis: Causes and DevelopmentWong, RYC; Chang, EC; Siu, AKF; Luk, YF; Tso, PS; Kwan, WC2001319
Asia’s Debt Capital Markets: Prospects and Strategies for DevelopmentArner, DW; Park, JH; Lejot, PL; Liu, Q2006136
Causes and Development of the Asian Financial and Economic Crisis: With Special Emphasis on China and the Hong Kong SARWong, RYC; Chang, EC; Siu, AKF; Luk, YF; Tso, PS; Kwan, WC2000143
Contributions to Modern Economics Research: in honor of Professor Gregory ChowZhou, L; Tao, Z; Xie, D; Song, FM2008100
Corporate Capital, Governance and TakeoversJohnstone, S; Arner, DW; Hsu, BFC; Tse, KS2006184
Corporate Governance, Securities Market and Banking ReformPing, X; Song, FM; Zhang, JJ2003135
A different transition path: ownership, performance, and influence of Chinese rural industrial enterprisesXu, C199587
Essays on socio-economic indicatorsXu, C et al.; Cass, U1984182
Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic StabilityHo, LS; Yuen, CW; Woo, WT; Stiglitz, J; Adams, C; Mundell, R; Kawai, M; Yoshino, N; Kaji, S; Suzuki, A; Ho, C; Lui, FT; Cheng, LK; Kwan, YK; Chan, AWH2003165
Exercises in Intertemporal Open Economy Macroeconomics (Second Edition)Krueger, TH; Ostry, JD; Yuen, CW1997103
The Fifth Dragon: The Emergence of the Pearl River DeltaSung, YW; Liu, PW; Wong, RYC; Lau, PK1995147
Finance in AsiaLiu, Q; Lejot, PL; Arner, DW201339
Finance in Asia: Institutions, regulation and policyLiu, Q; Lejot, PL; Arner, DW2013121
Financial institutions and the wealth of nations: tales of development (discussion paper)Tong, J; Xu, C200488
Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and PracticeHsu, BFC; Arner, DW; Tse, KS; Johnstone, S2006302
Fiscal Policies and Growth in the World EconomyFrenkel, JA; Razin, A; Yuen, CW1996108
Game Theory and Economic ModelsChiu, SYW; Pu, YJ2010114
Hedging, Liquidity, and the Multinational Firm under Exchange Rate UncertaintyWong, KP200788
Information and accrual strategy: when do the markets mis-price accruals?Liu, Q; Qi, R2006119
Introduction - Asia's Debt Capital MarketsLiu, Q; Arner, DW; Lejot, PL; Park, JH200595
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