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An analysis of an open mathematics lessonMok, IAC200183
Analytical Framework. In: Bray, M. & Steward L. (eds.)Bray, TM199687
Appreciating culture: Networking in East Asian communities. In N. McGinn (Ed.)Cheng, KM199686
Assessing & Evaluating Learning Outcomes in the Chinese Language LessonsLai Au Yeung, WYW2001174
Awareness raising about classroom interactionTsui, ABM1998104
Be slow to celebrate: a response to the green paper on equal opportunities for women and menLee, WO; Bray, TM1994196
Beyond labels: teacher-centred and student activitiesMok, IAC; Ko, PY200078
Building up website to promote Chinese as medium of instruction and develop high quality educationTse, SK; Shum, MSK; Ki, WW; Lam, HC; Wong, CK2001166
CARE' for the web-based learning environmentYuen, HK; So, HHH199980
Causes of Children's Emotional and Behavioural Problems. In C.W. Chan et al. (Eds.)Yuen, MT199985
Changing classrooms & changing schools: Conclusions and recommendationsLaw, NWY200183
Changing cultures and schools in the People's Republic of China: tradition, the market and educational changeCheng, KM200194
Chapter 10 Pre-Service and In-Service Education for Language TeachersLai Au Yeung, WYW2002139
Chapter 11 Technology and Language TeachingLai Au Yeung, WYW2002112
Chapter 7 The Teaching of Aural & Oral Skills - New Concepts & DevelopmentLai Au Yeung, WYW2001111
Chapter 9 Assessment & Evaluation in Language EducationLai Au Yeung, WYW2002102
Children's Knowing Through Map Constructs of 'Their' WorldKwan, TYL; Anderson, J200284
Children's stroke sequence errors in writing Chinese charactersLaw, NWY; Ki, WW; Chung, ALS; Ko, PY; Lam, HC1999117
China's educational reforms: Efficiency at the expense of equityCheng, KM199593
Chinese language education and the medium of instruction in ChineseTse, SK199793
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