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Accountability in Education: A Study GuideCheng, KM199589
Adaptation and Needs of Young New-Arrivals from Mainland China in the Sham Shui Po DistrictChan, MC; Ip, KY; Yuen, MT1996217
Analysis of Chinese Practical Writing in SchoolsShum, MSK; Tse, SK; Yu, CK; Ki, WW2002111
Applying Economics in Everyday Life (in Chinese)Pong, WY; Cheung, CK; Lee, PK; Leung, KK; Pang, MF; Yeung, HW200098
An assessment of the ability of primary 3 pupils in communicative writingTse, SK; Zhu, XH2002143
A Bibliography of Selected References for the Teaching of Putonghua (Mandarin)Lai Au Yeung, WYW1999119
Business Education: Curriculum Change and DevelopmentLewis, DB; Cheung, CK199682
Child Development and Classroom LearningRao, N; Pryde, N1994122
Child Development in a Chinese Social ContextWinter, SJ199769
Chinese Language Education for the 21st Century: A Hong Kong PerspectiveTse, SK; Chan, WS; Ho, WK; Law, NWY; Lee, T; Shek, C; Wong, C; Yu, FY1995180
Chinese Language in Education (Putonghau)Tse, SK; Cheung, LY199697
Cognitive Science, Constructivism and Mathematics EducationZheng, YX; Leung, FKS199882
A Collection of Papers Presented at the International Language in Education Conference (ILEC) '96Lai Au Yeung, WYW; Tse, SK; Lam, ASL; Fung, SF1997104
Community Needs SurveyYuen, MT; Hui, EKP; Fung, ASL200074
Community Partnerships in Education: Dimensions, Variations and ImplicationsBray, TM200176
Comprehensive and Effective Teaching of Chinese CharactersTse, SK2001135
Computer Sofeware System for Learning of Comprehension in Chinese: HandbookTse, SK; Ki, WW; Law, NWY; Chung, ALS; Shum, WC199796
The Costs and Financing of Education: Trends and Policy Implications. [Series: 'Education in Developing Asia']Bray, TM200271
Counting the Full Cost: Parental and Community Financing of Education in East AsiaBray, TM1996124
Decentralization of Education: Community FinancingBray, TM199692
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