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Administrative Rationalism, Sustainable Development and the Politics of Environmental Discourse in Hong KongHills, PR2004550
Advances in spatial data handling and GIS: 14th International Symposium on Spatial Data HandlingShi, W; Yeh, AGO; Leung, Y; Zhou, C201271
Ageing and the Urban EnvironmentPhillips, DR; Yeh, AGO; Cheng, KHC2004267
Analysis of policy trendsChiu, RLH2003166
The Application of Case-based Reasoning in Development ControlYeh, AGO2002126
Applications of geographic information systems in local/regional planning in the developing countriesYeh, AGO1995107
Are farmland preservation policies intelligent enough to protect arable land In China?Chan, RCK2009139
Availability and Pricing of Georeferenced Data in Asia PacificYeh, AGO1998119
Between Typologies and Representation: The Tong Lau and the Discourse of the "Chinese House" in Colonial Hong KongChu, CL201275
Building a Case-Based Decision Support System for Land Development Control Using Land Use Function PatternWang, X; Yeh, AGO2002141
Building a Modern Socialist City in an Age of Globalization: the Case of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, People's Republic of ChinaNg, MK; Tang, WS; Xu, J2002137
A bumpy path towards collaborative planning - but we made It! reminiscing the HER project and the pet gardenLeung, LY; Ng, MK2010116
Cellular automata and GIS for urban planningYeh, AGO; Li, X2009263
Challenges and Opportunities - Can Western Planning Theories Inform Changing Chinese Urban Planning Practices?Ng, MK; Wu, FL1997142
Challenges and opportunities: can western planning theories inform changing Chinese urban planning process?Ng, MK; Wu, FL1995117
Changes and Challenges of the Main Shaping Forces of Internal Structure of Chinese Cities: Urban Planning Under Housing and Land Reforms in ChinaYeh, AGO; Wu, FL1996120
Changing role of the state in high tech industrial development: the experience of Hong KongYeh, AGO; Ng, MK1994237
The Changing Spatial Distribution of Elderly Population and Its Planning ImplicationsYeh, AGO1998168
Combating Nuisance: Sanitation, Regulation, and the Politics of Property in Colonial Hong KongChu, CL201388
Commodification of Housing Provision in Urban ChinaChiu, RLH2000127
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