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51Sb-antimony in medicineYan, SC; Jin, L; Sun, H2005231
The air we breathe: air pollution in Hong KongFung, YS2002150
Antiangiogenic Cancer TherapyCheung, WKC; Lin, MC2010123
Applications of metal containing polymers in organic solar cellsMak, SK; Chan, WK2010215
Applications of vibrational spectroscopy to the analysis of polysaccharide and hydrocolloid ingredientsChoi, ESM; Yuen, SN; Phillips, DL; Ma, CY201068
Biological chemistry of antimony and bismuthYang, N; Sun, H2010161
Bismuth in medicineSun, H; Zhang, L; Szeto, KY2003269
Bismuth: environmental pollution and health effectsYang, N; Sun, H2011137
Catalysis by Fe=X Complexes (X = NR, CR2)Che, CM; Zhou, C; Wong, ELM2011196
Defect in zinc oxide nanostructures synthesized by a hydrothermal methodDjurisic, A; Tam, KH; Cheung, CK; Leung, YH; Ling, FCC; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY; Chan, WK2007291
DNA Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal BiosensorsFung, YS; Zhang, Y; Si, S; Sun, H; Yao, SZ2005156
Dynamic and kinetic aspects of metallodrugs by NMRLi, F; Sun, H2005214
Electrochemistry of high-valent oxo complexes of ruthenium, osmium, and rheniumChe, CM; Yam, VWW1996209
Existence of a Density - Functional Theory for Open Electronic SystemsChen, G2007115
From Simple Molecules to Molecular Functional Materials and NanoscienceYam, VWW; Wong, MC2008221
Herbal Organic AcidsYao, S; Chen, P; Yang, XY; Fung, YS; Si, SH1998120
Heterometallic Iron-containing CompoundsWong, WT2007179
Heterometallic Ru/Os-containing CompoundsWong, WT2007167
An Introdction to Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and its Application to Reactive IntermediatesPhillips, DL; Kwok, WM; Ma, C2007227
JandaJelToy, PH2005172
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