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Passive smoking and respiratory symptoms in primary school children in Hong Kong (Abstract)Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Chung, SF; Macfarlane, DJ199874
Patterns and motives of physical activity among children with disabilitiesSit, HP; Lindner, KJ199976
Patterns of physical activity among primary school childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N199596
The peak oxygen uptake of Hong Kong Chinese childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N199693
Peak VO2 reflects VO2 max. in childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N1994121
Physical activity in normal school children and those with congenital heart disease. Poster Presentation.Mcmanus, AM; Leung, MP200091
The Physical Activity Patterns of Boys and GirlsMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N199686
Physical activity patterns of Hong Kong Chinese primary school childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N199578
Physical Fitness of Hong Kong Children (keynote presentation)Mcmanus, AM200198
The psychology of coachingMasters, RSW200179
Reinvestment: A dimension of the stroke personality?Orrell, A; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF2002103
Reliability of a questionnaire to investigate differences in habitual physical activity of Hong Kong primary school children: a pilot studyMacfarlane, DJ; Chan, MK199582
Secretory IgA, physical activity and dynamic respiratory function in Hong Kong primary school childrenMcManus, AM199673
Smoking, passive smoking and respiratory ill health in primary 3-6 childrenLam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Chung, SF; Macfarlane, DJ199883
Some disturbing trends in the level of habitual physical activity in Hong Kong primary school childrenMacfarlane, DJ199777
Some possible predictors of lower back injury in squash playersMacfarlane, DJ; Shanks, A199585
Sport participation motivation of able-bodied and disabled children in Hong KongSit, HP; Lindner, KJ199881
Submaximal Running Economy and Ventilatory Response of Hong Kong Chinese AdolescentsMcManus, AM199975
Submaximal ventilatory responses to exercise in prepubertal childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N; Kirby, BJ; Welsman, JR199783
Ventilatory kinetics during treadmill running in Chinese males: little benefit of an external nasal dilatorMacfarlane, DJ; Liu, AWY200173
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