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Passive smoking and respiratory symptoms in primary school children in Hong Kong (Abstract)
Passive Smoking & Children Clinical & Experimental Forums, 24-25 August 1998, Essen, Germany
Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Chung, SF; Macfarlane, DJ199891
Patterns and motives of physical activity among children with disabilities
Paper presented at the 12th International Symposium for Adapted Physical Activity, May 4-8, Barcelona-Lleida, Spain
Sit, HP; Lindner, KJ199998
Patterns of physical activity among primary school children
1st Bath Sports Medicine International Conference
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1995112
The peak oxygen uptake of Hong Kong Chinese children
American Physiological Society Intersociety Meeting: The Integrative Biology of Exercise
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1996107
Peak VO2 reflects VO2 max. in children
International Conference of the Institute of Human Biology
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1994142
Physical activity in normal school children and those with congenital heart disease. Poster Presentation.
The Fourth Annual Scientific Meeting of the Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Medicine, Hong Kong
Mcmanus, AM; Leung, MP2000112
The Physical Activity Patterns of Boys and Girls
In Macfarlane, D.J. (ed.), Proceedings of the Gender Issues in Sport and Exercise Conference 1995, The University of Hong Kong
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1996108
Physical activity patterns of Hong Kong Chinese primary school children
XVI11th International Conference of European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N199586
Physical Fitness of Hong Kong Children (keynote presentation)
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong
Mcmanus, AM2001114
The psychology of coaching
National Congress of Physical Education & Sports
Masters, RSW200193
Reinvestment: A dimension of the stroke personality?
3rd World Congress of Neurological Rehabilitation
Orrell, A; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF2002122
Reliability of a questionnaire to investigate differences in habitual physical activity of Hong Kong primary school children: a pilot study
Gender Issues in Sport and Exercise, Hong Kong
Macfarlane, DJ; Chan, MK199597
Secretory IgA, physical activity and dynamic respiratory function in Hong Kong primary school children
Annual Conference of the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine
McManus, AM199688
Smoking, passive smoking and respiratory ill health in primary 3-6 children
Smoking and Passive Smoking in Children 1998, Report No. 5
Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health.
Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Chung, SF; Macfarlane, DJ199896
Some disturbing trends in the level of habitual physical activity in Hong Kong primary school children
1997 International Sports Medicine Congress on Sports and Children
Macfarlane, DJ199787
Some possible predictors of lower back injury in squash players
Understanding Movement: Culture, Science, Practice, Dunedin, New Zealand
Macfarlane, DJ; Shanks, A1995106
Sport participation motivation of able-bodied and disabled children in Hong Kong
Paper presented at the AIESEP World Sport Science Congress - Education for life, July 13-17, 1998, Adelphi University, Garden City, New York, USA
Sit, HP; Lindner, KJ199897
Submaximal Running Economy and Ventilatory Response of Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents
Proceedings of the XX Symposium of the European Group of Paediatric Work Physiology, Rome, Italy, Sept. 1999
McManus, AM199982
Ventilatory kinetics during treadmill running in Chinese males: little benefit of an external nasal dilator
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Macfarlane, DJ; Liu, AWY200192
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