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The effect of an external nasal dilator on the athletic performance of active Chinese male adolescents
Paper presented to the ICPE Conference, July 7-8, HK Institute of Education, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Fong, KK; Macfarlane, DJ2000163
Effects of 3-month intervention on daily exercise habits in Hong Kong high school students
The American College of Sports Medicine 47the Annual meeting, May 31-June 3, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Macfarlane, DJ; Ha, ASC; Johns, DP2000241
Effects of a modified Tai Chi programme on the physical and psychological well-being of elderly Chinese
2nd International Symposium on Chinese Elderly, Oct 21-23, Shanghai, China
Cheng, WK; Macfarlane, DJ2001150
Exercise adherence and self-efficacy differences in adults following completion of either an accumulated or continuous physical activity program
Paper presented to the Sixth International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, Nov 15-18, Brisbane, Australia
Cuddihy, TF; Taylor, LH; Macfarlane, DJ2000134
Future health concerns based on current physical activity profiles
Symposium on 'Children's Agenda for Hong Kong in the 21st Century' : book of abstracts
Save the Children Fund.
Macfarlane, DJ1999123
Hong Kong's inactive children: can we blame the PE curriculum?
Research Symposium '98 on Teaching and Coaching Sports and Physical Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong, May
Macfarlane, DJ1998134
Inactivity of male and female children
Gender Issues in Sport and Exercise
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1996138
The Influence of School Type on Physical Activity Levels in Primary School Children
Proceedings of ICHPER-SD, Cairo, July 1999
McManus, AM1999119
Inspiratory oral and nasal ventilations during treadmill running: little benefit of external nasal dilators
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Liu, AWY; Macfarlane, DJ2001136
Measuring the habitual physical activity of Hong Kong primary school children: difficult-disturbing-data
97 Symposium on Research on Sports Science and Physical Education South East Asia Perspective
Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Macfarlane, DJ1997123
Motivational orientations in youth sport: Comparing achievement goal theory and reversal theory
10th International Conference on Reversal Theory
Sit, HP; Lindner, KJ2001137
Motives for non-participation and withdrawal in sport among children with disabilities
6th International Symposium of Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise, Taipei
Sit, HP; Lindner, KJ2000132
Motives for non-participation and withdrawal in sport among children with disabilities. (Published abstract)
Paper presented at the 6th International Symposium of Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise, August 28-30, Taipei, Taiwan
National Taiwan Normal University.
Sit, HP; Lindner, KJ2000114
Motives for sport and exercise (non-) participation and withdrawal of Hong Kong children and youth: Participation extent and perceived physical ability
Paper presented at the Youth Sport in the 21st Century Conference, May 1999, East Lansing, USA
Lindner, KJ; Sit, HP1999128
Multidisciplinary investigation of the health of Hong Kong primary school children.
In Health Services Research Committee, Improving health services through research in Hong Kong
Health Services Research Committee.
Macfarlane, DJ; Day, JR; Bacon-Shone, JH; Lam, TH; Leung, SSF; Lindner, KJ; Speak, MA1998181
Passive smoking and respiratory symptoms in primary school children in Hong Kong (Abstract)
Passive Smoking & Children Clinical & Experimental Forums, 24-25 August 1998, Essen, Germany
Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Chung, SF; Macfarlane, DJ1998121
Patterns and motives of physical activity among children with disabilities
Paper presented at the 12th International Symposium for Adapted Physical Activity, May 4-8, Barcelona-Lleida, Spain
Sit, HP; Lindner, KJ1999135
Patterns of physical activity among primary school children
1st Bath Sports Medicine International Conference
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1995149
The peak oxygen uptake of Hong Kong Chinese children
American Physiological Society Intersociety Meeting: The Integrative Biology of Exercise
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1996153
Peak VO2 reflects VO2 max. in children
International Conference of the Institute of Human Biology
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N1994176
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