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Absorption of IGF-I in neonatal pigs is independent of gut closureXu, RJ; Wang, T199599
Analysis of RAPD fingerprinting in seven species of AmaranthusLiang, Q; Wan, Y; Fang, X; Sun, M; Corke, H1995211
Anatomy And Histology Of The Gastrointestinal TractZhang, YQ; Xu, RJ2006133
Autoregulation of Growth Hormone Synthesis in Grass Carp Pituitary CellsZhou, H; Li, WS; Lee, KY; Wong, AOL2000123
Bioactive compounds in porcine colostrum and milk and their effects on intestinal development in neonatal pigsXu, RJ; Sangild, PT; Zhang, YQ; Zhang, SH2002219
Bioactive peptides in milk and their biological and health implicationsXu, RJ1998123
Colostrum feeding stimulates pancreatic growth in newborn pigsMubiru, JN; Wang, T; Xu, RJ1995105
Determination of moisture and fat contents in sausages by near infrared spectroscopyYeung, YH; Xu, RJ1995132
Developing grain Amaranthus in China for industrial and food applications. In: C.W. Wrigley (ed.)Corke, H; Sun, M; Wu, H; Sun, H; Yue, S1997193
The development of molecular ecology: an amalgam of new molecular genetic tools with established fieldsSun, M; Lascoux, M2000185
Functional structure and growth of the pancreas in postnatal growing animalsXu, RJ; Wang, T; Zhang, SH1999130
Gastrointestinal Innervation And MotilityZhang, SH; Xu, RJ2006127
Gastrointestinal Regulatory PeptidesXu, RJ; Zhang, YQ2006110
Gastrointestinal Secretory FunctionXu, RJ2006100
An in vitro study on the formation of specialized inter-Sertoli cell junctions.Chung, SSW; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY200091
Maturation of intestinal function: the role of cortisol and birthSangild, PT; Xu, RJ; Trahair, JF2002102
Molecular Cloning and Tissue Distribution of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide in the GoldfishLeung, MY; Tse, LY; Yu, KL; Chow, BKC; Wong, AOL1999113
Molecular ecology: approaches and applicationsSun, M1998190
Molecular evolution of PACAP precursor and PACAP receptorsChow, BKC; Pang, RTK; Ng, SSM2005105
The neutral theory of molecular evolution: 30 years laterLascoux, M; Sun, M2000184
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