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Actions of secretin on the hypothalamic magnocellular neurons: Implications for the control of body water homostasis.Chu, JYS; Yung, WH; Chow, BKC2006118
Chapter 7 Normal ovarian surface epithelium.Wong, AST; Auersperg, N200296
ColostrumSangild, PT; Xu, RJ2004140
Composition Of Pocine MilkXu, RJ200391
Down-regulation of the human secretin gene expression by an atypical nuclear orphan receptor, small heterodimer partner (SHP).Lam, PY; Lee, TO; Chow, BKC2006110
The Molecular Mechanisms of Ecological Adaption and EvolutionZu, Y; Sun, M; Kang, L2000243
The Neonatal Pig: Gastrointestinal Physiology and NutritionXu, RJ; Cranwell, PD200397
Oral viral vector gene deliveryXu, R; Ma, H; Li, H; Sham, MH; Li, ETS; Tam, PKH; Lam, KSL2005234
The role of repressor element 1 silencing transcription factor (REST) in modulating the transcription of human secretin receptor gene.Lee, TO; Lee, HYV; Yuan, Y; Chow, BKC2006154
The theory, method, and application of molecular ecologyZu, Y; Sun, M; Kang, L1999187
Transcriptional regulation of the human secretin gene in duodenal and neuronal cells.Lee, TO; Tan-Un, KC; Chow, BKC2006104
Weighted Local Least Squares Imputation Method for Missing Value EstimationChing, WK; Cheng, K; Li, L; Tsing, NK; Wong, AST2007109
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