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American LiteratureJohnson, KA201250
Cantonese for English Speakers, I, IILai, EYW200770
Cantonese for Japanese Speakers, I, IILai, EYW200780
The Care of the Elderly in JapanWu, Y200990
Clés pour la France en 15 icônes culturellesMeyer, DC201242
Clés pour la France en 80 icones culturellesMeyer, DC201054
Compromisso e Solução: escravidão e as irmandades Afro-brasileiras: origem e formação das confrarias religiosas no Brasil colonial (1552-1822)Levi, JA200659
Critical companion to Henry James: a literary reference to his life and workHaralson, E; Johnson, KA200972
The Deepened Japanese Studies In China And Its Link With The WorldLin, C; Wong, HW; Hu, LY201235
The Digitalization of East Asia: Popular Culture, Media and IdentityTanikawa, T; Wong, HW; Sudo, N; Shu, K201223
Dismantling The East-West Dichotomy: Essays in Honour of Jan Van BremenWong, HW; Hendry, JOY200683
Ekkyosuru popyura karucha: Ri Koran kara Takki madeTanikawa, T; Wong, HW; Wu, Y2009149
El currículo de ELE en Asia-Pacífico (The Spanish as a foreign language curriculum in Asia-Pacific)Cervantes Institute; Arriaga, N; Blasco Garcia, R; Ducasse, A; González, S; López-Fernández, L; Menéndez, F; Pérez, I; Robisco, J; Sánchez, A201064
Esther's IPA English Pronunciation Workbook, ElementaryLai, EYW2007104
Esther's IPA English Pronunciation Workbook, IntermediateLai, EYW2007117
Esther's IPA Pronunciation Workbook, AdvancedLai, EYW200788
Europe and China. Strategic Partners or Rivals?Vogt, CR201279
European national identities: elements, transitions, conflictsVogt, CR; Cristaudo, WA; Leutzsch, A201449
From faith in reason to reason in faith: transformations in philosophical theology from the eighteenth to twentieth centuriesCristaudo, WA; Wong, HW201264
Gender In Japan: Power And Public PolicyNakayama, I201332
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