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Areal Features of the Anglophone WorldAnsaldo, U; Lim, LLS2011139
Asian crossings: Travel writing on China, Japan and Southeast AsiaClark, S; Smethurst, P200819
The Atlas of LanguagesMatthews, SJ; Comrie, B; Polinsky, M1996121
'Ayer Hitam'Gan, WCH200285
Cantonese: A Comprehensive GrammarMatthews, SJ; Yip, V1994137
A Century of Travels in China: Critical Essays on Travel Writing from the 1840s to the 1940sKerr, DWF; Kuehn, JC2007119
China abroad: Travels, subjects, spacesHo, EYL; Kuehn, JC200947
Conan Doyle: Writing, Profession, and PracticeKerr, DWF201322
The construction of a period dialect: the language of Arthur Miller's The crucible and its sourcesPable, AM200773
Contrastive analysis in language: Identifying linguistic units of comparisonWillems, D; Defrancq, B; Colleman, T; Noël, D2004126
Critical Zone 1: A Forum for Chinese and Western KnowledgeTong, QS; Wang, SR; Kerr, DWF2004110
Critical Zone 2: A Forum for Chinese and Western KnowledgeTong, QS; Wang, SR; Kerr, DWF2006106
Cultural PolicyTong, QS200991
Definition In Theory And Practice: Language, Lexicography And The LawHutton, CM; Harris, R2007161
A dictionary of Cantonese slang: the language of Hong Kong movies, street gangs and city lifeHutton, CM; Bolton, K2005188
A Dictionary of Hong Kong English: Words from the Fragrant HarborCummings, PJ; Wolf, HH201112
Distancing EnglishRichards, PK200891
'Drone'Gan, WCH200586
Eastern figures: orient and empire in British writingKerr, DWF2008130
(ed.) Triad Societies: Western Accounts of the History, Sociology, and Linguistics of Chinese Secret SocietiesBolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000130
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