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Analysis and Customization of Web-Based Electronic CatalogsYen, BP200590
Asian Financial Crisis: Causes and DevelopmentWong, RYC; Chang, EC; Siu, AKF; Luk, YF; Tso, PS; Kwan, WC2001317
Asian Management Matters: Regional Relevance and Global ImpactLau, CM; Law, KKS; Tse, DKC; Wong, CS2001171
Australia's Competitiveness: From Lucky Country to Competitive CountryEnright, MJ; Petty, RM201331
Aviation Spare Parts Supply Chain Management Optimization at Cathay Pacific Airways LimitedYen, BP2009931
Causes and Development of the Asian Financial and Economic Crisis: With Special Emphasis on China and the Hong Kong SARWong, RYC; Chang, EC; Siu, AKF; Luk, YF; Tso, PS; Kwan, WC2000142
China Industrial Markets YearbookLi, SM; Tse, DKC1997172
China Into the Future: Making Sense of the World's Most Dynamic EconomyHoffmann, WJ; Enright, MJ200872
China Markets YearbookTse, DKC; Li, S1999177
Contributions to Modern Economics Research: in honor of Professor Gregory ChowZhou, L; Tao, Z; Xie, D; Song, FM2008100
An Economic Study of Hong Kong's Producer Service Sector and Its Role in Supporting ManufacturingWong, RYC; Tao, Z; Chan, CS2000161
Electronic Catalogs for Personalized Mobile Phone and Its ImpactYen, BP; Ng, KYM200189
Global e-Commerce: Text and CasesFarhoomand, AF; Lovelock, P200190
Global e-Commerce: Text and Cases in KoreanFarhoomand, AF; Lovelock, P200287
Global e-Commerce: Text and Cases Plus Instructor's ManualFarhoomand, AF; Lovelock, P200191
The Greater Pearl River DeltaEnright, MJ; Scott, EE200378
The Greater Pearl River Delta 2nd editionEnright, MJ; Scott, E.E200468
The Greater Pearl River Delta 3rd editionEnright, MJ; Scott, EE200573
The Greater Pearl River Delta, 4th editionEnright, MJ; Scott, EE200679
The Greater Pearl River Delta, 5th editionEnright, MJ; Scott, EE200779
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