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Adrift: tales of ocean fragility
Compagna, C; Sadovy, YJ; Pilcher, N; Hurd, A; Griffin, J2008296
Application of high-speed countercurrent chromatography to the isolation of bioactive natural products. In: Colegate, S.M. & Molyneux, R.J. (eds), Bioactive Natural Products: Detection, Isolation and Structural Determination, 2nd editionLi, H; Chen, SF2008282
Biology Study guide for HKDSEE 6: Applied ecology
Manhattan-Marshall Cavendish Education
Hau, CH2011157
Botanical Journal of the Linnean SocietyChatrou, LW; Richardson, JE; Erkens, RHJ; Saunders, RMK; Fay, MF2012139
Cadherins and signaling in ovarian cancer progressionCheung, WT; Ip, KM; Wong, AST2009164
Chapter 21 Ginseng and angiogenesisYue, PY; Cheng, YK; Mak, NK; Leung, KW; Wong, AST; Fan, TP; Wong, RN2007172
Chapter 7: Grouper aquaculture in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Asian Fisheries Society, Manila, Philippines, World Aquacult.
Liu, M; Sadovy, YJ2008293
Cross-talk between tight and anchoring junctions – lesson from the testis. In: Molecular Mechanisms in Spermatogenesis.
Springer-Landes Bioscence.
Yan, HHN; Mruk, DD; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY2008205
Current Topics in Menopause
Bentham Science Publishers
Dvornyk, V2013209
Discovering Biology 6: Applied Ecology
Manhattan-Marshall Cavendish Education
Hau, BCH201094
The Ecology and Biodiversity of Hong Kong (revised ed.)
Cosmos Books & Lions Nature Education Foundation
Dudgeon, D; Corlett, RT2011421
Final report submitted to Environment and Conservation FundWilliams, GA; Leung, KMY; NG, PT; CHENG, CFM201434
GHRH and PACAP are going their ways separately for a longer time.Tostivint, H; Chow, BKC; Vaudry, H2007171
Groupers of the World: A Field and Market Guide
NISC (Pty) Ltd (National Inquiry Services Centre)
Graig, MT; Sadovy, YJ; Heemstra, PC2011218
In Applied Food Protein Chemistry (ed. Ustunol, Z.), Wiley-Blackwell Pub.Farkye, N; Shah, N201444
Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in natural product research. In: Colegate, S.M. & Molyneux, R.J. (eds), Bioactive Natural Products: Detection, Isolation and Structural Determination, 2nd editionCheng, KW; Chen, SF; Wang, M2008483
Microbial transformation of organic chemicals in natural environments: the fate of chemicals and the microbial involvement through enrichment culturing techniques
Gu, JD2008162
Monitoring bacterial biodiversity in surface sediment using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (T-RFLP): application to coastal environment
Coastal environmental and ecosystem issues of the East China Sea
TERRAPUB and Nagasaki University
Vengatesen, T; Lau, SCK; Mandy, T; Zhang, W; Qian, PY2010211
Monograph of Mitrephora (Annonaceae)
American Society of Plant Taxonomists.
Weerasooriya, AD; Saunders, RMK2010233
Natural History of the AnnonaceaeChatrou, LW; Richardson, JE; Erkens, RHJ; Saunders, RMK2009139
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