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Asia's debt capital markets - appraisal and agenda for policy reformLiu, Q; Lejot, P; Arner, D; Chan, M; Mays, M200589
The Asian Financial Crisis, Deflation, and Structural Change in Hong KongSiu, AKF; Wong, RYC2007158
Banking Development and the Asian Financial Crisis in Hong KongLuk, YF2001105
Bargaining, Competition, and Efficient InvestmentChatterjee, K; Chiu, SYW201323
Beyond law enforcement – governing financial markets in China and RussiaKorna, J; Rose-Ackerman, S; Pistor, K; Xu, C200470
China’s Economic TransformationCoase, Ronald; Xu, Chenggang; Zhang, Xiaobo-1-Uns- -162
Chinese township village enterprises as vaguely defined cooperativesRoemer, JE; Weitzman, M; Xu, C199765
Chinese township village enterprises as vaguely defined cooperativesWeitzman, M; Xu, C; Nove, A; Thatcher, ID1994103
Comment on 'Testing for the Fundamental Determinants of the long-run Real Exchange Rate: The Case of Taiwan'Yuen, CW199999
Commitment, financial constraints, and innovation: market socialism reconsideredQian, Y; Xu, C; Roemer, J; Bardhan, P1993156
A conceptual framework for pricing congestion and road damageHau, TD1995101
Congestion Pricing and Road InvestmentHau, TD1998140
Contemporary Markets for Asian Debt Capital Markets InstrumentsLejot, PL; Arner, DW; Liu, Q200688
Coordinating activities under alternative organizational formsMaskin, E; Simonovits, A; Qian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C199864
Coordinating reforms in transition economiesQian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C200797
Coordination in organizatoins: a comparative analsysisDewatripont M; Qian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C200163
Cross-Hedging for the Multinational Firm under Exchange Rate UncertaintyWong, KP200671
The currency board in Hong Kong: Operational weakness and a proposed refinement schemeChan, AWH2002137
Demand-Side Measures and Road PricingHau, TD2004111
Employment and Labour EarningsSuen, WC199688
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