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Article 23 and Freedom of the Press: A Journalistic PerspectiveWeisenhaus, D2003160
Chapter on China in State of the Asian Media ReportChan, YY2009118
China's emerging public sphere: the impact of media commercialization, professionalism, and the internet in an era of transitionQian, G; Bandurski, DL2011252
Chinese Journalists Circumvent Government’s Tight RestrictionsChan, YY201128
Communication Law and Policy, AsiaWeisenhaus, D200786
Competition Over News Intensifies in China, as Internet Offers Alternative CoverageChan, YY201032
The English-language Media In Hong KongChan, YY2003149
From Bagdad to Shantou, Essays by a War Correspondent and Professor (Preface) (In Chinese)Chan, YY200834
From Media Monocultures to Tropical Rainforests: Creating a Rich and Varied Media Environment for Asia'Abraham, T2006102
Hong KongWeisenhaus, D; Glofcheski, RA; Davis, EJ201336
Hong Kong Media Ownership Trends: A Case Study of Conglomeration, Expansion and the Rise of the Market PrincipleWeisenhaus, D2007357
How Hardliners made Liu Xiaobo a Nobel Front-runnerChan, YY201026
Jousting with monsters: journalists in a rapidly changing ChinaBandurski, DL201255
Microblogs Reshap News in ChinaChan, YY201023
Obama in China: an information war behind the scenesChan, YY200922
Obama Loses a RoundChan, YY200919
Pandemic CommunicationsAbraham, T; Pople, D201230
PrefaceChan, YY201134
Preface 1Chan, YY200944
Social Media Takes on the Central Propaganda Ministry (社交媒體與中宣部的交鋒)Chan, YY201328
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