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Adult sexual assaultBeh, SL; Payne-James, JASON2011120
Clinical and legal requirements for age determination in the livingBeh, SL; Payne-James, JASON201071
Hong KongYip, PSF2008119
Hong KongLaw, CK; Yip, PSF2008126
Internet and emerging suicide method: a case study of contagion of charcoal burning suicides via the InternetFu, KW; Wong, PWC; Yip, PSF2009218
A potential source of data in understanding youth suicide: instant messagesWong, PWC; Fu, KW; Yip, PSF2009150
Resilience, growth, and distress after a traumatic experienceHo, MY2011123
The role of Chinese medicine in cancer palliative careNg, SM200586
Suicide prevention in Hong Kong : opportunities and challengesYip, PSF; Law, YW; Chan, KYM201328
TaiwanChao, A; Law, CK; Li, PC; Yip, PSF2008106
Ultra-low low fertility in Hong Kong: a review of related demographic transitions, social issues and policies practices to encourage childbirthsYip, PSF; Law, CK; Cheung, KSL2008162
Universal happinessHo, MY2010109
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