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2006 Hong Kong Economic OutlookSiu, AKF2006153
2007 Hong Kong Economic OutlookSiu, AKF2006146
The Asian Financial Crisis, Deflation, and Structural Change in Hong KongSiu, AKF; Wong, RYC2007158
Bilateral Import Demand Functions: The Case For Hong Kong SARFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2006118
A comparison of Chinese outward direct investment with its regional peers : Japan, Korea and TaiwanFung, KC; Garcia-Herrero, A; Liu, YL; Siu, AKF2012103
Counting the Cost: The Economic and Social Cost of SARSSiu, AKF; Wong, RYC2006116
An Econometric Estimation of Locational Choices of Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Hong Kong and U.S. Firms in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Lin, CC; Siu, AKF2004125
The Effects and Implications of Foreign Direct Investment in China for Other Developing Economies: Hollowing Out or Filling In?Chantasasawat, B; Fung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF200796
Foreign Direct Investment in China and East AsiaChantasasawat, B; Fung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2007112
Foreign Direct Investment, Intraregional Trade and Production Sharing in East AsiaFung, KC; Aminian, N; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2009136
FTA in Asia: Impacts of CEPA and China-ASEAN FTA on Hong Kong's EconomyFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2006247
Hong Kong Economic Outlook in 2008Siu, AKF200877
Hong Kong's Import Demand FunctionsChen, Y; Fung, K.C.; Siu, AKF200494
Integrating the Two Asian Economic Giants: Japanese Multinational Corporations in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2007113
Modes of East Asian trade and foreign direct investment: U.S. and JapanFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF201268
Production Sharing In East AsiaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF200792
Production sharing in Latin America and East AsiaFung, KC; Garcia-Herrero, A; Siu, AKF201269
Service Trade Liberalization as a Development Opportunity: The Role of the World Trade OrganizationFung, KC; Siu, AKF200771
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