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Application of capture-recapture method in epidemiologyChao, A; Yeung, HC; Yip, PSF; Ngai, K2002123
Application of capture-recapture methods in reliability studiesYip, PSF; Wang, Y; Chao, A2002121
Assessing local influence in multivariate regressionTang, MK; Fung, TWK1997115
Asset allocation: investment strategies for financial and insurance portfolioCheung, KC; Yang, H2003113
Automating technical analysisYu, PLH; Lam, K; Ng, SH2002126
Bayesian approach for adaptive designYin, G; Yuan, Y201097
Claim size processesCheung, KC; Yang, H2005143
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA): statistical analysisFung, TWK; Hu, Y2004103
Depression among elderly and postpartum womenYip, PSF; Lee, DTS199994
EasyDNA: User-friendly paternity and kinship testing programsFung, TWK; Yang, CT; Guo, W2004129
Efficient support vector machine method for survival prediction with SEER dataLiu, ZQ; Chen, DC; Tian, G; Tang, ML; Tan, M; Sheng, L2010115
Entropy and survival-based weights to combine Affymetrix array types and analyze differential expression and survivalHu, J; Yin, G; Morris, JS; Zhang, L; Wright, FA200456
Esscher transformYang, H2005204
Estimation of mean based on an unbalanced ranked set sampleYu, PLH; Lam, K; Sinha, BK1997121
Estimation of structural parameters in crossed classification credibility model using linear mixed modelsFung, TWK; Xu, X2009135
Expected shortfall under a model with market and credit risksSiu, KBB; Yang, H2007117
Financial data mining using flexible ICA-GARCH modelsYu, PLH; Wu, EHC; Li, WK2010309
Forensic DNA: statistics inFung, TWK; Chung, YK201085
Higher order approximations with generalized linear modelsFraser, DAS; Monette, G; Ng, KW; Wong, A1994224
Implications of the demographic transitionYip, PSF; Lee, J; Law, CK2006170
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