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4 ChaptersPoon, SW; Tang, SL; Ahmed, AM; Wong, FKW2002174
Alliancing in Australia: a long term JV?Rowlinson, SM; Cheung, FYK200950
The Application of D. C. F. Model in a Transitional Land Market in ChinaLi, LH1997140
Are re-entrants good or bad? An empirical test in Hong KongWong, SK; Cheung, AKC; Yau, Y; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW2005156
BeijingChau, KW; Walker, A; Liu, H1999118
CAL in Construction: Attitudes to LearningRowlinson, SM; Marsh, J1997123
Causes of Accidents in the Construction Industry in Hong KongLam, SW; Rowlinson, SM1998147
The changing nature of household demand and housing market trends in ChinaYiu, CY; Xu, Y2011112
Chapter 1, Implementing Sustainable Development: Institutional FeaturesLai, LWC; Lorne, F T2004215
Chapter 10 - Fifty Years No Change? Land Use Planning and Development in Hong Kong under Constitutional CapitalismLai, LWC2003155
Chapter 10, Virtually Real Construction Components and Processes for Design-for-Safety-Process (DFSP)Rowlinson, SM2005127
Chapter 5, Human Factors in Construction Safety - Management IssuesRowlinson, SM2000288
Chapter 6, Economic Indicators of Sustainable Development in Fish CultureLai, LWC; Leung, P S2004127
Chapter IV: Judicial Department of Hong Kong on the Eve of July 1, 1997Hsu, BFC1996117
ChinaLiu, AMM; He, B; Zhang, S200999
China's Land Reform and the Establishment of a Property MarketWalker, A; McKinnell, KG1999121
Cities in the Pacific Rim - Planning Systems and Property Markets, J. Berry and S. McGreal (eds.)Chau, KW; Walker, A; Liu, H1998124
Commercial PremisesLi, LH2004139
Comparison of the Accuracy of the Minimum-Variance Grid Method and the Least Squares Method - a Non-linear ExtensionChau, KW; Huang, W; Ng, FF; Ng-Mak, HML2002138
Considering on the administration of real estate valuation in China (in Chinese)Chau, KW; Fu, Q1997113
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