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Chinese Culture and CounselingChan, CLW; Fan, F; Ho, MY; Wong, AMP2002159
Classroom observation in the schools of Hong KongLam, SF199965
Enhancement of Learning Motivation in the Schools: Programme for Secondary StudentsLam, SF; Law, SF; Yan, WY200079
Enhancement of Learning Motivation in the Schools: Programme for Teacher DevelopmentLam, SF; Law, SF; Yan, WY200095
Epilepsy: Attention and MemoryLee, TMC; Ho, LSH200590
The growth and development of school psychology in Hong KongLam, SF200590
The Hong Kong Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking: Technical ReportSpinks, JA; Ku-Yu, SY; Shek, DTL; Bacon-Shone, JH1995132
How the family influences children's academic achievementLam, SF199781
How to Teach Children to be Self-motivatedLam, SF200296
Identification and classification of reading disability in the Chinese langaugeHo, CSH2009198
Les Construits Personnels de la The9orie c0 L'Application CliniqueBlowers, GH; O'Connor, KP199685
Maximizing potential: Lengthening and strengthening our strideChan, J; Li, R; Spinks, JA1997101
Motivate students to learnLam, SF; Law, SF; Cheung, WY200299
Motivating Instructional Contexts Inventory. P.R. Zelick (Ed.)Lam, SF; Pak, TS; Ma, YK2007153
Neurocognitive systems of second language learning are shaped by native language: Evidence from developmental, neuroimaging, and cognitive studies. In C. McBride & I. Chen (Eds.)Tan, LH; Spinks, JA; Leong, CK200187
Neuropsychological Measures: Normative Data for ChineseLee, TMC; Wang, K2009215
Normative Data: Neuropsychological Measures for Hong Kong Chinese.Lee, TMC2003166
Personal Construct Psychology in the Clinical ContextBlowers, GH; O'Connor, KP1996127
Practical Handbook of Educational PsychologyLam, SF2004112
Psychology of parentingLam, SF; Tam, S.W200479
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