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Advanced geoinformation science: an overviewYang, C; Wong, WSD; Yang, R201021
Agriculture and Food Supply Policies.Gu, S; Loo, BPY200093
Assessing the endowment of trees in urban parksJim, CY200183
Carbon and Nitrogen Content of Suspended Matter in a Small Hong Kong Drainage BasinPeart, MR200374
Challenges of airports in multi-airport regions (MARs)Loo, BPY2009148
Changing economic dynamism in Chinese cities under globalization: A case study of the Guangzhou MetropolisLin, GCS2007203
Channel flood plain linkages on the Kam Tin River, Hong KongPeart, MR; Wong, H2002119
China's Green Challenges in the Rise to Global Power under the Leadership of Hu JintaoLo, CWH; Lee, FYS; Zhan, X201246
China's Land Resources and Land Use ChangeLin, GCS; Ho, SPS2005214
China's Ongoing Urban TransformationLin, GCS2009184
China's WTO Accession and its Impact on FDI and HK_PRD IntegrationZhao, SX; Hung, LY200390
The Chinese Information and Telecommunications Technology Infrastructure: Who Built It and For Whom?Loo, BPY200480
Chinese Port-cities in Global Supply ChainsWang, JJ; Olivier, D2007135
A comparative analysis of three heritage management approaches in Southern China: Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and MacauLee, FYS; du Cros, H201332
A Comparison of Caesium-137 and Erosion Pin Data from Tai To Yan, Hong KongPeart, MR; Ruse, ME; Hill, RD2006117
A comparison of traditional and spatial measures of segregation: some empirical findingsWong, WSD200319
Competition, Cooperation and Governance of Airports in the Greater Pearl River DeltaWang, JJ; Ho, C200295
Conceptual and operational issues in incorporating segregation measurements in hedonic price modelingWong, WSD200817
ConclusionLee, FYS; So, AY199969
ConclusionLee, FYS; Hilary, D200784
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