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The 6th International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3 2013), JIIT, Noida, IndiaKwok, YK201326
A 7V-to-30V-supply 190A/us regulated gate driver in a 5V CMOS-compatible processNg, CW; So, V; Kwan, HK; Kwong, D; Wong, N2010393
ACM/Springer Wireless NetworksLi, VOK2007216
Advances in 3G Mobile Enhanced Technologies for Wireless CommunicationsWang, J; Ng, TS200290
Advances in enhanced technologies for wireless communications (the best selling book of Archtech House in March 2002)Wang, J; Ng, TS200284
Advisor (Member of Advisory Committee)Kwok, YK2004191
Algorithm design in optical networking: algorithms, concepts, methodologies and ILP modelsWu, B; Yeung, LK2009113
Channel Adaptive Technologies and Cross Layer Designs for Wireless Systems with Multiple Antennas: Theory and ApplicationLau, VKN; Kwok, YK2006133
Chaos in Electric Drive Systems: Analysis, Control and ApplicationChau, KT; Wang, Z2011177
Chaotic drives and their applicationsChau, KT; Wang, Z; Cheng, M2009204
Clean energy and environment: combating climate change by Hong Kong researchers and professionalsFok, WWT; Li, VOK; Zhong, J; Chau, KT; Pong, PWT; Leung, YC2011224
DAQL-Enabled Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Dynamically Changing EnvironmentNgai, CK; Yung, NHC201165
Defect Detection of Patterned ObjectsNgan, YT; Pang, GKH2008175
Domain of Attraction: Analysis and Control via SOS ProgrammingChesi, G201162
An Effective Search Framework Combining Meta-Heuristics to Solve the Vehicle Routing Problems with Time WindowsTam, VWL; Ma, KT2008188
Efficient 2D linear-phase IIR filter design and application in image processingLei, CU; Cheung, CM; Wong, N2008260
Efficient design of arbitrary complex response continuous-time IIR filterLei, CU; Cheung, CM; Wong, N2009258
Fundamentals of wireless communicationsShen, D; Li, VOK2005105
Homogeneous Polynomial Forms for Robustness Analysis of Uncertain SystemsChesi, G; Garulli, A; Tesi, A; Vicino, A200955
i.LIGHT: Communication Using Visible LightPang, GKH2008101
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