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Carbonate development in an island arc setting: the Gamilaroi terrane, southern New England orogenStratford, JMC; Aitchison, JC1998109
Chapter 2, Changes of coastal groundwater systems in response to large-scale land reclamationGuo, H; Jiao, JJJ2008116
A comparative study of platinum-group elements in the Acoje and Coto Blocks of the Zambales ophiolite, PhilippinesZhou, MF; Yumul, GP; Malpas, JG; Sun, M1998200
Conceptual advances in understanding the New England Orogen: a decade of progressAitchison, JC; Flood, PG; Stratford, JMC; Davis, AM1998137
Diachronous uplift along the Ailao Shan-Red River left-lateral strike-slip shear zone in the Miocene and its tectonic implication, Yunnan, ChinaChen, W; Li, Q; Wang, Y; Wan, J; Sun, M1997278
Dynamic models for origin of the migmatites with thermal centers in the Dabie Complex, Hubei, Central ChinaWang, JH; Sun, M; Chang, XY; Deng, SX1997204
A field guide to the islands of Hawaii, Maui and OahuMalpas, JG1998117
Gamilaroi Terrane: a rifted Devonian intra-oceanic island arc assemblage, NSW, Australia.Aitchison, JC; Flood, PG1995112
Geochemical and geochronological constraints on the origin and emplacement of the Yarlung-Zangbu ophiolites, Southern Tibet.Malpas, JG; Zhou, MF; Robinson, PT; Reynolds, P2005254
Identification of Multi-Frequency Water Level Anomalies with predictive filtering methodsMasterlark, T; Wang, H; Chan, LS; Che, Y1996156
Integrated stratigraphy of the Middle to Upper Miocene pelagic sequence of the Conero Riviera (Ancona, Italy)Montanari, A; Beaudoin, B; Chan, LS; Coccioni, R; Deino, A; Depaolo, DJ; Emmanuel, L; Fornaciari, E; Kruge, M; Mozzato, M; Portier, E; Renard, M; Rio, D; Sandroni, P; Stankiewicz, A1997130
Integrated stratigraphy of the middle to upper Miocene Pelagic sequence of the Conero Riviera, Ancona, ItalyMontanari, A; Beaudoin, B; Chan, LS; Coccioni, R; Deino, A; DePaolo, D1996147
Late Archean to Paleoproterozoic evolution of the Trans-North China Orogen: insights from synthesis of existing data from the Hengshan-Wutai-Fuping beltZhao, G; Sun, M; Wilde, SA; Guo, JH2003236
Late Quaternary relative sea-level changes in the tropicsZong, Y201331
Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide deposits in ChinaZhou, MF; Yang, ZX; Song, X; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR2002286
Nb-depleted, continental rfit-related Akaz meta-volcanic rocks (West Kunlun): implication for the rifting of the Tarimcraton from GondwanaYuan, C; Sun, M; Yang, J; Zhou, H; Zhou, MF2005186
On significance of chemical geodynamics of recycling processesZhou, XH; Sun, M1999177
Origin and early evolution of the atmospheres and oceans on the terrestrial planetsLiu, L200949
Origin of the Sudbury igneous complex (Northern Ontario, Canada)Zhou, MF; Sun, M; Malpas, JG1997226
The Paleogene PeriodLuterbacher, H; Ali, JR; Brinkhuis, H; Gradstein, FM; Hooker, JJ; Monechi, S; Ogg, JG; Powell, J; Rohl, U; Sanfilippo, A; Schmitz, B2005167
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