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Acta Seismologica SinicaChan, LS2005101
Aspects of the Tectonic Evolution of ChinaMalpas, JG; Aitchison, JC; Ali, JR; Fletcher, C2004108
Chronostratigraphic framework for the Thanetian and lower Ypresian deposits of southern EnglandAli, JR; Jolley, DW199696
Late Archean to Paleoproterozoic geology of the Hengshan-Wutai-Fuping area, Trans-North China OrogenZhao, G; Zhai, M; Guo, JH; Li, JH; Kroner, A; Wilde, SA2007166
Luminescence dating in archaeology, anthropology and geoarchaeology: an overviewLiritzis, I; Singhvi, AK; Feathers, JK; Wagner, GA; Kadereit, A; Zacharias, N; Li, SH201339
Morphotectonic Map of Cenozoic Structures of South China-Northern Vietnam Coastal RegionPubellier, M; Chan, LS2006151
Origin of podiform chromitites, diamonds and associated mineral assemblage in the Luobusa ophiolite, Southern TibetBai, WJ; Zhou, MF; Robison, PT; Fang, Q; Yan, B; Zhang, Z; Hu, X2000192
Problem Based Learning in the Field EnvironmentChan, LS; Ho, MW2004137
Report on Consultancy Study on the Feasibility of Developing a Geophysical Technique for Detection of Voids in the Vicinity of Water Mains Laid Underneath HighwaysChan, LS201051
Report on Geological Study of Artefacts from So Kwun Wat Archeological SiteChan, LS201057
地球上生命从什么時候开始的?Li, YL201062
地球存在一个深部生物圈吗?Li, YL201071
地球生态系统的终结: 我们还有多长時间?Li, YL201059
太阳系中还有其他生命的世界吗?Li, YL201067
是地球上早期生命导致前寒武纪哇铁建造的形成吗?Li, YL201065
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