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3D anisotropic mesh refinement in compliance with a general metric specificationLo, SH2001177
Accelerating collaboration: soft system imperatives for mobilising hard system developmentsKumaraswamy, MM2009124
Adaptive meshingLo, SH2002102
Adaptive MeshingLo, SH2001111
Anaerobic treatment of phenolic wastewaterLiang, DW; Fang, HHP2010232
Anaerobic wastewater treatment in (sub-)tropical regionsFang, HHP; Liu, Y2001141
Application of molecular methods for anaerobic technologyZhang, T2010173
Application of Target Cost Contracts and Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts in the Construction Industry of Hong KongChan, JHL; Chan, DWM; Lam, PTI201262
Applying Kaolinite-Mullite reaction series to immobilize toxic metals in environmentShih, K; Tang, Y201261
Applying Teamworking Models to ProjectsKumaraswamy, MM; Rahman, MM200799
Autotropic denitrification of landfill leachate using elemental sulphurKoenig, A; Liu, LH1995168
Balance of demand and supply of parking spacesLam, WHK; Tam, ML; Yang, H; Wong, SC1998247
Better Collaboration through CooperationAnvuur, AM; Kumaraswamy, MM2008115
Building air leakage databases in energy conservation policies: analysis of selected initiatives in 4 European countries and the USAChan, WR; Carrie, FR; Novak, J; Litvak, A; Richieri, F; Solcher, O; Pan, W; Emmerich, S201233
Case studies of jacked piling in Hong Kong - Chapter 3: Pile settlement behaviourLee, PKK; Li, KS; Lam, J2004167
Case studies of jacked piling in Hong Kong - Chapter 4: Resistance of jacked pilesTham, LG; Yu, F; Tsui, Y; Lee, PKK; Guo, D2004300
A cell transmission model for signal timing optimisation in work zonesWong, CK; Wong, SC; Lo, HK2007127
Cell-based dynamic equilibrium modelsSzeto, WY201362
Chapter entitled Multiple Performance Criteria for evaluating construction contractorsKumaraswamy, MM; Walker, DHT1998153
Co-opetition or convenient coalitions? - JV's for Indian airports redevelopment in the context of the infrastructure sectorMahesh, G; Kumaraswamy, MM200966
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