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Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryCheung, LK; Samman, N; Tideman, H1995132
Alternative caries removal techniquesYip, HK2001120
Anchorage and anchorage control in orthodonticsHu, W; Lu, HP; Yang, Y2008129
Application of Biomaterials and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Nanomedicine and NanodentistryChoi, AHF; Matinlinna, JP; Conway, RC; Ben-Nissan, B201360
(Application of the operating microscope in clinical endodontics)Wei, X; Cheung, GSP2005134
Binding till metall och keramikMatinlinna, JP2009108
Blended learning and PBL: An interactional ethnographic approach to understanding knowledge construction in-situBridges, SM; Green, JL; Botelho, MG; Tsang, PCS201333
Bonding of Clearfil Liner Bond II S to noncarious cervical sclerotic dentin: Interfacial ultrastructure and microtensile bond strength evaluationTay, FRCM; Kwong, SM; Itthagarun, A; Yip, HK; Pashley, DH2000124
Bone grafting procedures in the maxillofacial region: a clinical perspectiveSamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H1998128
Candida and oral candidosisSamaranayake, LP; Scully, C; El-Kabir, M1996117
Candida-associated lesionsSamaranayake, LP1994161
Candidosis (Section I: Infectious diseases)Scully, C; El-Kabir, M; Samaranayake, LP1994213
Cellular response to bone graft matricesRabie, ABM; Wong, RWK200897
Chapter 1 : Characterizing The Performance of Dental Air Turbine HandpiecesDarvell, BW; Dyson, JE2008126
Chapter 12 - Management of cleft lip and palate.King, NM; Reid, J; Hall, RK2008115
Chapter 7 - Dental AnomaliesCameron, A; Widmer, R; King, NM; Aldred, M; Hall, R; Seow, K1997103
Chapter 9 - Dental anomalies.Aldred, MJ; Crawford, JM; Cameron, A; King, NM; Widmer, R2008100
Chapter IV - Herbal Drug Research on Bone RegenerationWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2007122
Chinese Medicinal Plants in ArthritisWong, RWK200894
Cleft lip and palateKwok, Y; Cheung, LK; Fu, KW1997115
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