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Adhesion aspects in dentistryMatinlinna, JP; Mittal, KL2009114
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, RefereeRabie, ABM200097
Asia GIS/LIS, AM/FM, and Spatial Analysis - Proceedings of Asian GIS/LIS, AM/FM, and Spatial Analysis ConferenceYeh, AGO; Tung, F; Lai, PC; Lin, H1996161
Asia's Environmental Movements: Comparative PerspectivesLee, FYS; So, AY1999109
Atlas of wire bending in orthodontic treatment (In Chinese)Li, X; Zhao, H; Liu, Y; Yang, Y2010184
Bauhinia Trees: From Obscurity to CelebrityJim, CY200699
Bone Formation and RepairRabie, ABM1997101
Bone induction in DentistryRabie, ABM2009112
Building a Competitive Pearl River Delta Region; Cooperation, Coordination, and PlanningYeh, AGO; Lee, FYS; Lee, T; Dak, SN2002222
Case selection from the membership in orthodontics for the royal college of surgeons of EdinburghYang, Y2007100
Champion Trees in Urban Hong KongJim, CY1994290
Chinese Medicinal Plants in ArthritisWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM200792
Communication between dentists and people with hearing impairmentWong, MCM; Au, HY; Chan, MYH; Chu, KL; Lam, CY; Lau, SYS; Leung, CH; Tam, PTY; Wong, LT200484
Community Health Project Report SeriesLo, ECM; Pang, HH; Wong, AHH; Chan, VSM; Cheng, CH; Choi, HC; Ji, C; Kam, OM; Lai, PM; Lee, CM; Leung, YT; Ng, WM2011108
Dental anxiety and relieving measures: Patient's perspectiveLiu, JKS; Wong, MCM; Chan, YK; Ho, NF; Law, CH; Siu, PCW; So, TY; Tsang, HF; Wong, WS2005104
Dental care for visually impaired institutionalized older persons in Hong KongNg, KKW; Wong, MCM; Cheung, MMK; Fung, WK; Kwan, WM; Lee, DHY; Lee, ASK; Leung, WS; Mak, PC; Sam, TY200394
Dili, quyi and chengshi (Geography, Region and City)Lin, GCS1994141
DNA-Probe Detected Periodontopathogens and Crevicular Fluid Elastase: Biological and Clinical Implications in Monitoring of Destructive PeriodontitisJin, LJ1995104
EditorJin, LJ200564
Editorial Board MemberRabie, ABM200894
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