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Adhesion aspects in dentistry
Matinlinna, JP; Mittal, KL2009178
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, RefereeRabie, ABM2000153
Asia GIS/LIS, AM/FM, and Spatial Analysis - Proceedings of Asian GIS/LIS, AM/FM, and Spatial Analysis Conference
GIS Asia Pacific.
Yeh, AGO; Tung, F; Lai, PC; Lin, H1996223
Asia's Environmental Movements: Comparative Perspectives
M.E. Sharpe.
Lee, FYS; So, AY1999166
Atlas of wire bending in orthodontic treatment (In Chinese)
People's Medical Publishing House
Li, X; Zhao, H; Liu, Y; Yang, Y2010293
Bauhinia Trees: From Obscurity to Celebrity
Friends of the Country Parks and Cosmos Books.
Jim, CY2006142
Bone Formation and Repair
Elsevier Science B.V..
Rabie, ABM1997156
Bone induction in DentistryRabie, ABM2009155
Building a Competitive Pearl River Delta Region; Cooperation, Coordination, and Planning
Centre of Urban Planning & Environmental Management, HKU.
Yeh, AGO; Lee, FYS; Lee, T; Dak, SN2002283
Building university leadership capacity in the teaching of implant dentistry to dental students and local professional communities
Department of Education
Mattheos, N201424
Case selection from the membership in orthodontics for the royal college of surgeons of EdinburghYang, Y2007155
Champion Trees in Urban Hong Kong
Urban Council.
Jim, CY1994425
Chinese Medicinal Plants in Arthritis
Stdium Press.
Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2007147
Clinical Research FoundationDucaud, G; Lang, NP201045
The Cnidaria, past, present and future. The world of Medusa and her sisters.Green, DW201423
Community Health Project Report Series
Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong
Lo, ECM; Pang, HH; Wong, AHH; Chan, VSM; Cheng, CH; Choi, HC; Ji, C; Kam, OM; Lai, PM; Lee, CM; Leung, YT; Ng, WM2011188
Dietary advice from doctors dentists dietitians: Targeting common risk factor and addressing incosistencies
Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong
Gao, X; Lai, HY; Man, WH; Mo, CK; Ong, HH; Poon, AOK; Tam, CY; Tse, KL; Wan, JCC; Yip, KJ201452
Dili, quyi and chengshi (Geography, Region and City)
Advanced Education Press of Guangdong.
Lin, GCS1994205
DNA-Probe Detected Periodontopathogens and Crevicular Fluid Elastase: Biological and Clinical Implications in Monitoring of Destructive Periodontitis
Karolinska Institute.
Jin, LJ1995142
EditorJin, LJ200583
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