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Temporal Distributions of Heavy Metals in Hong Kong Porites Coral during the Last Two CenturiesWang, BS; Goodkin Emami, NF; Angeline, N; Switzer, AD; You, CF; Hughen, KA201169
High sea water metal concentrations recorded in Hong Kong corals during the end of World War TwoGoodkin Emami, NF; Angeline, N; Wang, BS; You, CF; Hughen, KA; Switzer, AD2010133
Two-centuries of environmental change in the South China Sea as recorded by trace metals, Sr/Ca, and del18O in fossil coral from Hong KongGoodkin Emami, NF; Angeline, N; Wang, BS; You, CF; Mii, HS; Hughen, KA; Switzer, AD2010163
Decreased Variability in Shallow Water Ventilation in the North Atlantic during the End of the Little Ice AgeGoodkin Emami, NF; Druffel, ERM; Hughen, KA2008124
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