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Metallic element contamination in different urban compartments: Examples from Pearl River Delta Region, SE China
Conference on Recent Advances in Geological Research of Hong Kong and Pearl River Mouth Region
Aydin, NS; Hudson-Edwards, KA; Song, Z; Wong, SC; Aydin, A; Edwards, SJ; Li, XD; Chan, LS; Malpas, JG2005195
Magnetic characterisation of urban sediments in Hong Kong
Joint AOGS 1st Annual Meeting and 2nd APHW Conference, 5-9 July 2004, Singapore
Chan, LS; Cheung, ASC; Aydin, NS; Mok, WY; Liu, QS2004171
Dry season heavy metal variations in the sediments of the Jinsha River (Yangtze River) along its Panzhihua strech
5th International Conference on Environmental Geochemistry in the Tropics, March 2004. Hainan, China
Cibik, T; Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG2004172
Future study for integrated air pollution control: Clay minerals, Air pollution and Health
International Conference on Environmental and Public Health Management, 12-15 March, HKBU, Hong Kong
Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG; Aydin, A2002164
Comparison of chemical characteristics of weathered igneous rocks.
Proc 'The Third Asia Pacific Symp on Environmental Geochemistry'. 7-10 Nov., Guangdong, China
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2001173
Weathering signatures of granitic profiles
3rd conference of World Chinese Geologists, HKU, December 2001. Abstracts
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2001153
Nature of sesquioxdes along weathered pyroclastic profile.
Proc 'Int Conf on Environmental Chemistry and Geochemistry in the Tropics-GEOTROP', Townsville , 7-11 May, Australia
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2001168
Geological and geochemical characteristics of alkaline magmatism in Central Anatolia: Example from Bayindir Pluton.
Proc. IEASCA-2000. Turkey
Kadioglu, YK; Aydin, NS; Gulec, N; Savascin, Y; Malpas, JG2000181
Integrated approach to study clay mineralogy with examples from weathered profiles.
Proc The Current Practice of Engineering Geology in Hong Kong
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2000153
Significance of mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry in landslide investigations.
Proc Slope Hazards and Their prevention, Hong Kong
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2000199
Signatures of chemical weathering in Hong Kong
International Conference on Environmental Chemistry and Geochemistry in the Tropics-GEOTROP'99
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG1999164
Characterization of igneous and metamorphic saprolites
Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology and Natural Diasaster with Emphasis on Asia
Aydin, A; Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG1999177
Geochemical weathering processes and their implications in urban development
Review and future studies In: First Asian conference on environmental geochemistry and urban development, December, HK
Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG1998147
Siluro-Devonian Granitoid magmatism in the Appalachian-Caledonian Orogen: Case study from Fogo Island, Canada
IAVCEI, Int. Volcanological Congress, Capetown
Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG1998167
Post-collisional magmatism in Central Anatolia, Turkey
3rd International Conference on the Geology of the Eastern Mediterranean, Nicosia, Cyprus
Geological Survey of Cyprus.
Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG1998149
Diverse Magmatism in the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, Turkey
IAVCEI, Int. Volcanological Congress, Capetown
Aydin, NS; Goncuoglu, CM; Erler, A; Malpas, JG1998150
Geochemical and isotopic constraints on the evolution of the Tilting Layered Suite, Newfoundland: a window into mafic magma chamber processes.
Mineralogical Society/Volcanic Studies Group, Geological Society of London, Magmatic Processes.
Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG; Jenner, G1995157
Mingling and mixing between contracting co-existing magmas; example from the Fogo Island batholith, Newfoundland
International Association of Volcanologists and Chemists of the Earth's Interior (AVCEI), Annual Meeting, Ankara
Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG; Jenner, G1994160
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