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Metallic element contamination in different urban compartments: Examples from Pearl River Delta Region, SE ChinaAydin, NS; Hudson-Edwards, KA; Song, Z; Wong, SC; Aydin, A; Edwards, SJ; Li, XD; Chan, LS; Malpas, JG2005120
Magnetic characterisation of urban sediments in Hong KongChan, LS; Cheung, ASC; Aydin, NS; Mok, WY; Liu, QS2004109
Dry season heavy metal variations in the sediments of the Jinsha River (Yangtze River) along its Panzhihua strechCibik, T; Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG200494
Future study for integrated air pollution control: Clay minerals, Air pollution and HealthAydin, NS; Malpas, JG; Aydin, A2002121
Comparison of chemical characteristics of weathered igneous rocks.Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2001107
Weathering signatures of granitic profilesAydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG200197
Nature of sesquioxdes along weathered pyroclastic profile.Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2001103
Geological and geochemical characteristics of alkaline magmatism in Central Anatolia: Example from Bayindir Pluton.Kadioglu, YK; Aydin, NS; Gulec, N; Savascin, Y; Malpas, JG2000108
Significance of mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry in landslide investigations.Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG2000128
Integrated approach to study clay mineralogy with examples from weathered profiles.Aydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG200092
Signatures of chemical weathering in Hong KongAydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG199996
Characterization of igneous and metamorphic saprolitesAydin, A; Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG1999105
Geochemical weathering processes and their implications in urban developmentAydin, NS; Aydin, A; Malpas, JG199883
Siluro-Devonian Granitoid magmatism in the Appalachian-Caledonian Orogen: Case study from Fogo Island, CanadaAydin, NS; Malpas, JG199899
Post-collisional magmatism in Central Anatolia, TurkeyAydin, NS; Malpas, JG199890
Diverse Magmatism in the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, TurkeyAydin, NS; Goncuoglu, CM; Erler, A; Malpas, JG199895
Geochemical and isotopic constraints on the evolution of the Tilting Layered Suite, Newfoundland: a window into mafic magma chamber processes.Aydin, NS; Malpas, JG; Jenner, G199591
Mingling and mixing between contracting co-existing magmas; example from the Fogo Island batholith, NewfoundlandAydin, NS; Malpas, JG; Jenner, G199497
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