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Abstraction and Modern Chinese ArtClarke, DJ2005128
The Ambiguity of Women in the Parks of ParisThomas, GM2001131
Anthony Van Dyck's 'The Mystic Marriage of the Blessed Hermann Joseph' and the Sodality of the Bachelors of AntwerpMuir, CD1998122
The Bourgeois Family and Modern Identity in Impressionist PaintingThomas, GM200188
Bride or Bridegroom? Masculine Identity in Mystic MarriagesMuir, CD2001119
Chair of a panel 'The Hybrid 19th Century'Thomas, GM200384
Chair of a panel entitled 'Landscape and Ecology in Historical Perspective'Thomas, GM200085
Christ as Bridegroom and Mary as Bride: Mystic Marriages in Christian Thought and ArtMuir, CD200196
Conference Proceedings 'Modernism in Hong Kong Art' delivered in the panel [Art and Modernism in China, 1900-1997]Clarke, DJ199798
Crossing the Boundaries between Text and Image: The Iconography of St. Catherine of AlexandriaMuir, CD1998106
Cultural identity in Hong Kong artClarke, DJ199590
Exchanging Portraits: The Art of Diplomacy in 19th Century South ChinaKoon, YW200995
An Exemplar of Marian Devotion: St. Hermann-Joseph of Steinfeld, His Life and IconographyMuir, CD199988
'A Frail Woman'? Visual Portrayals of St. Catherine of Alexandria's Debate with MaxentiusMuir, CD200188
Hong Kong Artists and the 1997 Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ199883
Hong Kong TimeClarke, DJ200080
The Imagery of St. Agnes of Rome in the Salisbury Breviary (Paris, BN MS Latin 17294)Muir, CD200385
Invited paper on nationalism and artClarke, DJ199693
Invited speakerClarke, DJ199786
The Landscape and the Figure: Gens of Western Oil Painting from the Tokyo Fuji MuseumMuir, CD1997112
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